You can trust me, I’m a doctor: The check-up

You can trust me, I’m a doctor: The check-up

by Jack Rabbit

Ivy couldn’t wait to get to the office this morning. She was smiling ear to ear as she got ready for work. She picked a royal blue dress that hugged her in all the right places and would pop under her white lab coat. She spent time on her hair and make up and even decided to dust off a pair of her 6 inch heels. She wanted to look good today. As she walked into her lobby she could feel all eyes engulf her. Her heels clicked away as she went to her back office and got settled in.

Her morning was full of patients but she could only think of one. Her 6 month check up with her little experiment. She couldn’t wait to see what Danny had become. He had entered a normal young lad without a care in the world 6 months ago and she hoped her manipulations had morphed him into a masturbator. Not just your typical horny teen pumping it 3 times a day. No, she wanted a masturbator, a creature with the sole purpose of self gratification. She had a folder in her desk with a few patients she had worked on. They not only were chronic masturbators but they also suffered from premature ejaculation, impotency with partners, and porn addiction. They never lasted of course. These men knew the pleasures of intimacy with another person and wanted to get it back. They resisted, they ran, and always recovered as far as Ivy knew. But Danny was fresh. A virgin just discovering the pleasures of touching himself. He doesn’t know any better and Ivy hoped he was a blank canvas ready to be shaped into her vision.

“Dr. Wolfe? Your 1 o’clock appointment is here.” Her receptionist reported over the intercom.

That shook Ivy out of her trance and she realized she was humping the corner of her desk and massaging her nipples while looking at Danny’s file photo. She shook her head to focus. Her heart raced and pussy throbbed as she walked to the lobby. She had given Danny’s mother instruction to leave Danny by himself for his exam. She would be with him for quite awhile.

Ivy almost dropped to her knees seeing her future masturbator. He sat in a corner away from people, his shyness had increased to being anti-social. He was pale from staying indoors more often and wore sweatpants and a loose shirt. 6 months ago the boy had at least been trying to style himself but that was out the window. He needed loose clothes that came off easy. Looks like he was sticking to Ivy’s rules: If he wanted to masturbate, he needed to be completely nude. As Ivy approached Danny she saw his hand in his pocket and a rhythmic motion from his crotch. Poor boy couldn’t be left alone without him playing a little pocket pool.

“Danny?” The boy ripped his hands from his pockets and stood up right.

“Uhh…hi…Dr. Wolfe.”

“Come on Danny. Let’s get this started.” She winked and motioned for the boy to follow. Like a good little puppy Danny followed close behind.

Danny sat on the examination table and kept his eyes to the floor. Ivy had seen Danny try to look her in the eye but he couldn’t. He was too timid to face a beautiful woman and he would lock on to her cleavage instead. His hands went back into his pockets. Danny needed to hold his little comfort toy.

“So as we discussed last time Danny, have you been following my rules?”

Danny blushed, “Yes.”

“Any improvement?” 6 months prior Ivy somehow had convinced this poor soul he was already addicted to solo sex because he masturbated a few times a day. Her prescription? Up the numbers and get it out of his system. She smirked at the thought.

“I.. I don’t think so. know…touched it as much as you told me but now I feel like I can’t stop. I feel like it got worse.”

“Well let’s review. You’ve been stripping completely naked when you masturbate?” Danny nodded. “And you are doing it the way I instructed? Super fast and squeezing really tight?” She could see Danny’s erection tenting in his sweats “How often are you masturbating now?”

“10 times a day, sometimes 11 or 12.”

Ivy’s panties were so wet from his admission. This boy had tripled his masturbation sessions in 6 months?? Imagine what she could do to him in a year.

“Well let’s take a look. Go ahead and strip down for me.”

Ivy pretended to write down some notes on her chart and was surprised at how quickly he was nude. The boy had a lot of practice stripping down and it looked like all he was wearing was sweats and a shirt. No underwear and not even socks!

The first interaction was a shock to them both. Ivy put her hands on Danny’s shoulders. A simple touch and his eyes rolled back, his body shivered, and a few drops of precum fell to the floor. Danny’s brain was in sensory overload. Danny had been without physical contact for so long. Every girl at his school knew he had started touching himself in the bathrooms and in a few classes. He had been on a few dates and even had a kiss but not since his treatment started. No one wants to hug or kiss a masturbator.Ivy stared at the puddle on the floor. She wanted to lick those pearlescent drops up and suck out what remained from his penis. Ivy was restraining herself as much as possible but Danny looked so weak and helpless! She moved her hands down his arms. She felt that his right arm was toned and quite muscular while his left was soft and pretty weak. His hands were soft and smelled of freshly applied lotion. He looked like he had lost some weight. No time to eat when you’re fucking your fist I suppose. His nipples were hard and looked like they had been twisted and flicked over and over again. She squatted down and couldn’t stop herself from licking her lips. Ivy had Danny’s penis right in front of her. It was red and looked almost scared of being looked at. It was a tiny thing. She would have to measure it but she was certain the boy had shrunk a good inch since they had last measured him. It looked like an abused creature. Just at a glance you could see this penis was overworked, exhausted, and useless.

“Danny? How long does it take you to ejaculate?”

“Fastest I can get is 10 seconds. But after doing it a few times I take a minute or two.”

“Danny we need to do a full inspection so I am going to try to give you an erection alright?” Danny nodded eagerly! The sexy Dr. Wolfe would have him cumming in seconds!

Ivy started fondling the boy’s penis. It became erect but it was so weak. She felt him wilt in her hands as she lightly caressed him. She looked up at a confused face. Why wasn’t he hard for her? Ivy was overjoyed. Danny had ruined his penis. She started really working his shaft. Real men would be stiff as a board right now but she was playing with a wet noodle.

“Interesting… Danny show me what you do when you play with it?”

Like a robot, Danny hunched over, gripped his penis tight and looked as though he was trying to rip off his penis. Ivy was in awe. It was so mechanical, so automatic. Danny had his masturbation down to a science. His eyes were glued to Ivy’s cleavage as he beat his meat and just as promised, he came within a few seconds. Ivy’s heart raced as the boy shot a small load into his hand and licked it up. He was an obedient boy and remembered his cure wouldn’t “work” unless he replenished his semen. Danny was not shy when asked to jerk it. Ivy had asked for a demonstration and the boy gave her the full show.

Danny was still pumping. “Danny?” Ivy asked with no response.

It took him a few moments to come back to reality. He was too focused on manipulating his penis to notice anything else. He let his shriveled worm go and looked at Ivy.

“Am I a masturbator? Like I won’t get better?”

Ivy knew he wasn’t too far gone yet. He was young and when he first came in to see her he was fit and healthy. Another 6 months and he could be right back to normal.

“It seems like you are much worse than I thought, Danny. I think we have to do a draining.”

“A What?” Danny was extremely nervous about what that might entail.

“Well you see how you ejaculated just a little? That is because you have a blockage of semen. We can’t fix you until that is taken care of. I bet you have noticed that since you started masturbating more you have been shooting less and less semen? Well that is because you have a block somewhere and we need to break it free.”

Danny hadn’t considered this. He thought that all the jacking off just made him cum less but if there was a block that could also explain why he hadn’t been getting better!

Ivy brought out a large container usually used to hold tongue depressors. “I need you to drain out all your semen Danny. No swallowing. Just fill this and we can see how much semen you have in your body.”

Danny’s eyes were wide looking at this container. “Fill…the whole thing???”

“Yes Danny. As much as you can. If you can’t fill this jar then that means you have a block and we must continue the treatment. Once you can fill this jar completely you will be cured!”

“But if it’s all of my cum…I mean, stuff. Won’t I be out of sperm forever?”

“Just like before Danny, you will just swallow it once we are done. We just need to see it outside your body to get a range.”

Ivy got up and started getting Danny some lube, a towel, and a few magazines. Danny couldn’t stop staring at the jar. He gulped thinking how much jerking it would take to even fill half!

As Dr. Wolfe began to leave, she decided to push her luck. “Oh and some men have been able to find the blockage…rectally.” That got Danny’s attention. “Just take some of the lube and apply it to your finger. Put your finger into your anus and feel around for a large lump. If you rub it, it should help clear the blockage.”

Once Ivy entered her observation room, she stripped naked and relaxed. She looked through the one way mirror at her poor boy. Who had put the jar on a stool and positioned himself over it. He lubed up his right hand, hesitated, then lubed up with left index finger. Ivy was already splayed out on her large leather chair that overlooked the exam room. Her legs were spread and her room filled with the sounds of wet slapping as she worked her throbbing clit. She groaned as Danny began to jerk himself. He of course didn’t last long and shot about a tablespoon worth of semen into the jar.

Half an hour passed and Danny was dripping sweat. The bottom of the jar had about a centimeter of semen covering it which was quite impressive! Ivy was pulling on her nipples and grinding her mound against the arm of her chair. Danny massaged his wrist as he gave himself a break. He finally decided to try to find the blockage. He rubbed his finger around his anus and pressed. He held onto the counter for support.

Ivy was muttering to herself as her fingers worked her pussy and witnessed this boy’s determination.

“Yeah Danny. That’s it. Find it. Find the block. Good boy.” She whispered this over and over as her fingers blurred.

Ivy watched her experiment come to life! This tiny dick masturbator is pumping his life away. She knew Danny was infatuated with her and yet he couldn’t keep a boner to save his life! Ivy groaned as she thought of Danny desperately trying to stay hard to enter a woman and failing. His hand was his only partner now. Forever a virgin masturbator.

A full hour passed and Danny had managed to fill about a quarter of the jar. He had been masturbating non stop. His penis looked purple from all the masturbating. He laid on the examination table exhausted, butt naked, and drained. His penis and asshole throbbed from overuse. His brain was mush and yet all he wanted to do was wank again. Just a few more rounds. He wasn’t thinking anymore about curing himself or working towards filling the jar. He just thought of one thing: masturbation. He loved masturbation. He needed to masturbate more. He was a masturbating masturbator.

Ivy got dressed and looked at her chair. It had been stained by her juices. She looked at Danny as she stretched and yawned.

“Such an obedient masturbator.”

15 minutes later she walked into the room and Danny was hunched in the corner with the jar on the floor. His hand beating his poor penis again and again. His shoulder moved up and down as Ivy heard the familiar slapping sound of a fist pounding away.

“Danny? How did it go?”

“Just…” Danny was out of breath. “A little more..time…” Danny faced her and hadn’t stopped masturbating. His hand had a mind of its own.

“Danny. Are you a masturbator?”

When she said the word “masturbator” Danny moaned and pinched his nipple while he pumped faster.

She approached him like someone approaching a wild animal. “Danny? Stop touching yourself.”

He backed away from her still pumping. He was a dog being asked to drop his favorite chew toy! Ivy had success!

“Oh Danny!” Ivy embraced the boy in a big hug. She felt his hand still masturbating and hitting her thigh as he pumped. “We are going to have so much fun! Just wait til we show your mother! She will have to put you under my care full time! Her demented boy!” Danny could only think of how good Dr. Wolfe smelled and how good it felt to jerk in front of her.

“We’re all done here Danny. You know what that means?”

Danny looked at her and continued pleasuring himself. Ivy grabbed the large jar of cum and gave it to the boy.

“Bottoms up!”

Ivy had everything planned. She dressed the boy and had to move his hand away from his penis a few times to get his pants on. She would get him to stop long enough to get home. She would spin a story of how Danny was so stressed at school and that it could lead to odd behavior. Once Danny’s mother found her son in zombie wank mode she would come right to Ivy for help. Then she could admit Danny to her facility and he would be all hers!

Danny held Ivy’s hand as she led him to the lobby. His other hand in his pocket squeezing his penis.

“Now Danny, do you like your penis?” Danny absentmindedly started pumping through his pocket. “I’ll take that as a yes. Now Danny when you see your mom she will want to stop you from masturbating. She wants to take away your penis. So I’m going to give you this pill to suppress your urges for a few hours.”

Danny took the pill and swallowed it. His erection disappeared from his sweats and he looked pretty normal for a boy that spent the last few hours masturbating.

“Dr. Wolfe? Are we going to your office?”

“No Danny we’re all done! You’re doing great!” She hugged him and patted his butt as he went out to meet his mother.

Now we wait.

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