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You can trust me, I’m a doctor! ;)

by Jack Rabbit

Ivy had made it through her day of patients with ease. She had taken on a bunch of new clients but she flew through them like nothing. She had one thing on her mind which was getting to her last patient of the day, Danny.

When Ivy read Danny’s file she knew he would be a great subject for her. Danny’s mother had set up the appointment to meet with their family doctor but Dr. Shields had retired a few months back and Ivy had collected all of his old cases. She looked over Danny’s file and saw a young boy in good health. Examining his file photo she knew Danny was the shy type. Ivy had a way of finding timid and submissive men like a predator sniffing out prey. She called the boy’s mother personally and rescheduled him to be the last patient. Ivy wanted to make sure there was no rush.

While she waited for her nurse to bring in Danny, Ivy’s heart raced a mile a minute. His mother asked just for the annual check up but Ivy wanted to do a little more than a physical.

“Dr. Wolfe? Are you ready to see Danny?”

Ivy almost choked on her words, “Yes nurse, come on in Danny and have a seat.”

Danny sat on the exam table and kicked his feet nervously. “I-I thought I was seeing Dr. Shields.”

Ivy bit her lip as she listened to that stammer. She looked Danny directly in the eye and he had to look away. “Dr. Shields retired Danny, he decided to relax and give me all the strong boys he had been taking care of.” She winked. Danny blushed. “I’m Dr.Wolfe, but why don’t you call me Ivy? I want us to be good friends Danny so you know you can trust me. Is that ok?”

Danny’s face was red and all he could do was nod.

“Now do you know why you’re here?”

“My…mom made it for uh regular check up?”

He wasn’t sure. Ivy knew she had him now.

“Well Danny, your mom is actually worried about you and wanted me to give you an examination.”

Danny looked worried and Ivy grinned at her prey. She sat on her chair and rolled it close to the boy.

“Now your mom says that you spend a lot of time in your room, is that right?” Ivy began her manipulation.

“I-I mean I guess so.” Danny fidgeted in his seat.

Ivy’s legs squeezed together as her pussy throbbed with excitement. She pretended to scribble notes on her clips board.

“She also says you take long showers and lock yourself in the bathroom.”

Danny looked with horrified eyes at Ivy. Oh she had him now!

“Well sweetheart, your mommy thinks you’re masturbating in there. Do you know what masturbating means?”

Danny tried to speak and his mouth let out no sound.

Ivy continued, “Masturbating is when you touch yourself in your special area,” Ivy made her hand into a fist and moved it up and down “and it makes you feel really good.”

Ivy looked at Danny’s crotch and she could see his erection trying to rip out of his pants.

“Now it’s natural for adults to do this, but when younger boys masturbate we like to make sure they don’t do it too much. And sweetie, your mommy is worried that you masturbate too much.”

Ivy saw the horror in this boy’s eyes. He really believed his mother knew he played with himself and that he was in trouble. Ivy was hungry and she loved to play with her food.

She switched to the caring doctor friend, “Oh Danny don’t worry!” She embraced the boy and let her breasts press up against his chest. She heard him inhale her perfume and she hoped he caught a bit of her scent as well since she was practically dripping down her legs.

“Am I in trouble?” Danny asked shakily.

“Well we need to find out what you have been up to, young man. Now first you have to admit it. Danny, do you masturbate?”


“Yes what Danny?”

Danny’s face was hot, “Y-y-yes I… masturbate.”

“How often? Be specific sweetheart.”

“Once a day.”

Ivy looked at him shocked, “Once a day?!?!” Danny was terrified by that reaction and Ivy knew it. She tried not to break character.

“My goodness Danny, that is a lot of masturbation! Most men only do it once a month!”

“Oh.” was the only thing Danny could get out. He thought it was an alright amount but coming from a doctor he knew he was in trouble.

“Danny, I need to examine you immediately. Now take off your pants.” Ivy went to her desk to get some gloves. When she was facing away from Danny, she slipped a hand into her lab coat and twisted her nipples. She needed to play with her pussy soon or she was going to explode.She turned back around to see the young boy sitting bottomless on the table.

Danny’s penis of course looked average and Ivy knew Danny didn’t know that.

“Oh my… so it looks like all that rubbing and tugging has ruined your penis.”

Danny immediately looked at his member. He didn’t understand at all what Ivy saw. With excited hands, she started to “examine” his genitals.

“Look Danny, your penis has stopped growing because you played with it too much. You should be twice this size by your age and you stopped its growth by tugging on it Danny.” His penis was growing erect and Ivy knew it was because her “examination” was just an old fashioned hand job. Her fingers worked his shaft and she would lightly rub her palm over his head.

“Oh no Danny are you getting erect? See? Only a masturbator has no control over his penis. Tsk tsk.” Ivy wanted to jerk him off to completion while grinding against his leg but she had to keep up the act.

Without warning she let go of his erection and went back to her desk. Danny was breathing heavily, penis throbbing, and he could not think straight.

“Danny, you are a masturbator. This means you will never have sex, have a normal penis, or be able to control yourself. Now as far as we know, there is no cure.”

Danny’s penis started to soften as he realized he somehow had ruined any sex life he may have had and that all the guys in gym class would see how tiny his penis is and know he was a masturbator.

“There has to be something!!” Danny was near tears.

Ivy went to him and grabbed his face. “Are you willing to do whatever I say to fix this?”

Danny nodded like crazy. “Anything Ivy!”

“Ok Danny, I believe you. Now there have been some experiments that may work for you since you just started being a masturbator. Essentially, we need to get it out of your system. Now from this moment on you need to masturbate as much as possible. So I want you to masturbate as soon as you wake up and before you go to bed. If you can try to masturbate twice in a row to be sure. You need to also masturbate throughout the day. In school just excuse yourself to the bathroom and at home just do it in your room or anywhere private. If you are out in public just try to find a quiet place and do it there. I need you to act on your urges immediately and you must finish every time. Now Danny what have you been doing with your cu…ugh I mean semen? You know the white stuff?”

Danny looked even more embarrassed. “I um clean up with my socks or a tissue.”

“Oh no no no! Danny you never learned? You must recycle your sperm. From now on when you finish I need you to catch all of it in your hand and swallow it.”

Danny looked disgusted and horrified.

“Danny, I thought you wanted to fix this? Am I wasting my time?”

“No Ivy! I’ it.” Danny signed with defeat.

“Don’t worry Danny. I will send you home with a list of things to eat to make it taste better so it’s easier to handle. I will also write you a prescription for some lubricant. I’ll just tell your mom it’s a rash ointment. We don’t need to tell her any of this.”

Of course Ivy would never want his mother involved. How would she turn Danny into a full on masturbator with his mom telling him he was normal?

“Now Danny there are going to be some rules when you masturbate from now on. We need this done right so you don’t ruin your penis any longer.

1. I need you to be completely naked when you masturbate. Strip down completely even when you’re in a bathroom stall at school or in the woods
by the park. You need to train your penis to only get hard when you are naked and ready.
2. Have a super tight grip when you masturbate. As hard as you can take Danny. We want you to condition your penis certain pressures to get hard.
3. If you want this process to work more quickly try masturbating super fast so you ejaculate quickly. Try to make yourself finish in minutes and make
it a habit.
4. You need to remember that you are doing this for a future sex life so I will give you some porn magazines and try finding porn on your computer at
home. Stare at as many naked women you can doing all sorts of sexual acts so you can correct your brain.

Now we need to get started as soon as possible so I want you to masturbate right now.”

With that Danny began to take off his shirt. Ivy acted surprised. “Um Danny I will leave first so you have privacy.”

Danny grew red once again and waited for Ivy to leave. She left him with a bottle of lubricant and an issue of Juggs magazine. She left the office only to pop into the room next door. She ripped her shirt open and started rubbing her breasts. She groaned and started to undo her pants as she made her way to a big leather chair facing a one way mirror.She sat bottomless as she spied on Danny stripping completely naked for his “Cure”.

Ivy’s fingers slipped easily inside herself. She was soaking wet from manipulating this young man. Her clit was big and throbbing for her fingers. Danny nervously undid the cap of his new lube and applied it to his penis. Ivy thought of how sore that penis would get in a matter of days. Danny was a good boy and placed the magazine on the exam table. He flipped through the pages until he stopped at a blonde cupping her huge breasts and started playing with himself. Ivy moaned as she watched this poor fool beat his meat angrily. He was going so fast his fist was a blur! He must be squeezing it so tight! As he stroked Ivy matched his speed with her fingers. She put one leg over the armrest of her chair and started furiously masturbating just like Danny.

She was witnessing her creation. Soon he would become a certified virgin masturbator. He would never get an erection with a girl, suffer from premature ejaculation, and be addicted to porn. Ivy’s eyes rolled back as her body stiffened. She pinched her nipples and worked her pussy as fast as she could. Her hips thrusted into the air as she came. She slumped into her chair as she watched Danny beating to an orgasm. His face was red, his brow was drenched in sweat, his arm muscles were flexing, and his penis was almost as red as his face.She giggled at the masturbator and how his legs buckled every now and then. His tongue stuck out like he was focusing so hard.

Soon Danny’s hips bucked and she saw an obedient young man cup his hand in front of his penis. With how fast his hand moved she was worried he would shoot everywhere except for his hand. She moaned as she saw him catch a huge load of spunk. It filled his whole hand and was creamy white. He looked down at it reluctantly. Ivy leaned forward with excitement. Danny closed his eyes and swallowed his cum. His face grimaced but he ate every last drop and even licked his palm.

Ivy gave Danny a few minutes then knocked on the door. When she opened he was fully clothed with a flushed tired face.

“How’d it go?”

He smiled, “So how long until I’m..ya’ know fixed?”

“As long as it takes Danny. Don’t ever slow down and when you start to doubt yourself give me a call.”

With that she placed a few magazines in a manila envelope and wrote a prescription for Albolene. She patted Danny on the back as she sent him off to his unknowing mother.

“Your welcome Danny.” Ivy thought as she closed the door to her office. She sat down and teased her nipples as she looked through her patient files for her next victim.

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