why it is natural for women to be the dominant sex.

Which explains why it is natural for women to be the dominant sex.

The way scientists have presented Stone-Age people to the public, isthat Stone Age men were brutes who dominated their women throughviolence. Yet this is disproved by the existence of the clitoris. Theonly function of the clitoris is to give women sexual pleasure and sogive her a desire to have sex with men. But if men were the dominantsex this wouldn’t be a consideration, as men would initiate allsexual encounters and could even rape women. So it wouldn’t matterif a women enjoyed sex or not, she still would get pregnant by men, sothe clitoris wouldn’t be needed, as what is not used, disappearsover evolutionary time.

So the existence of the clitoris does show us that women did initiatesex herself and could choose whom she had sex with. But another problemis that many women cannot reach orgasm with penetrative sex. The reasonis that the clitoris is on the outside of the vagina and for many womenthe penis doesn’t touch the clitoris. So the only way a man canbring these women to orgasm is stimulating the clitoris with his fingeror tongue. So what evolutionary pressure would bring about thissituation? That the penis is not always the best way to bring a womanto orgasm.

There is also the problem of timing. Men can quickly ejaculate inside awomen in a couple of minutes, but women themselves prefer long sensualsex play. So again for what evolutionary pressure brought about thesituation where the sexual timing of men and women are so different?

Human beings also it seems enjoy oral sex, but again in evolutionaryterms this shouldn’t happen, because this sex-act doesn’t resultin a women being fertilized. The same is true with homosexuality. Inevolutionary terms homosexuality shouldn’t exist, because sexbetween people of the same sex does not produce children. Which meansheterosexual people are far, far more likely to have children thanhomosexual people.

None of these things make sense if we think in terms that men were thedominant sex over the millions of years of our evolution. But they makea lot of sense if women were the dominant sex and she dominated men tothe degree she could demand that men pleasure them in whatever way shewanted.

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    There is evidence, and it makes sense, that women are ‘designed’ for sex with multiple partners: unlike men, women have multiple orgasms and can enjoy orgasmic stimulation for extended periods of hours; obviously a single penis cannot meet her demands. Women are designed for multiple partners and extended, intense sexual encounters.

    When coupled with pathetic lovers such as us, it’s not surprising that they require oral, digital and (nowadays) mechanical stimulation from us to be fully satisfied, or simply find a real man who can respond to her natural urges.

    Those of us who understand and embrace this find intense erotic stimulation from the dominance of women’s sexuality, the awesomeness of real men fucking our women, and find no greater pleasure than masturbating our penises as we celebrate our servility.

  2. In the last few years my relationship with a lady has evolved from one exhibiting the usual social roles of our society, dominant male/passive female, in which emphasis is on the male’s sexual satisfaction, to one of Goddess/Worshiper, in which the satisfaction of the woman is paramount. This evolution has been very natural, and I would characterize it as simply a stripping away of “conditioned” attitudes and habits, and the burgeoning of natural tendencies for female primacy.

    At first I thought that this was merely “kinky”, and then thought that it was unique to the two of us, but I have come to believe, because the impulses and feelings are so totally comfortable and natural, that it is a natural condition for a woman’s sexual pleasure and needs to control sexual relationships.

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