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As I enjoy my naked penis right now….lovingly caressing and fondling it very happily, I find this thread about lubes and I realize it may seem like more of a practical type of thread. But I have actually found this simple topic to be one of my turn-ons. Like most seasoned solo-sex men and women, I’ve tried a variety of lubes.

At the moment, I’m sitting here naked savoring the gentle caresses of my lubed fingers on my happy penis and just soaking up the pleasure of my fingers dancing all over my beautiful cock. The lube I have found that I like best is Astroglide. Yes, just a low-cost choice that can be bought easily online or at any pharmacy or Wal-mart.

Playfully trying other lubes has led me to a couple I enjoyed and some I found not really worth the extra money. I tried “I.D.” a couple of times and for some reason the viscosity of it seemed to diminish my playful finger-moves all over my penis. I could feel every stroke and all my delightful self-pleasuring techniques but it was almost as if there was a slight barrier (though oily) between the tactile sensitivity of my fingertips and my fascinating friend – the fun-loving PENIS that so loves to yearn for my touch that I find myself having to get off into unusual places where I can get some privacy to play with it. So I return to my choice of Astroglide and have still found even the cheapest of lubes very enjoyable – including the K-Y products and the Wal-Mart generic version of K-Y.

However another lube I found while searching (and playing with my PENIS!) on Amazon is sitting next to me here and I’ve found it delightfully agreeable as a light additional lube along with my Astroglide. This secondary choice (for me) is the Shibari lube. I got an 8-ounce bottle of it about six weeks ago and am really enjoying it.

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