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When I was in high school and living at home I was getting off about once or twice a week but all that changed when I moved off to college at 19. My roommate was a total perv and a daily masturbator. He collected stacks of discount porn magazines on a regular basis and was always running up to me to look at spread pussy shots, so of course I got into it too. After a year we were hanging porn magazine cut-outs all over our bedroom walls. I went from a twice a week stroker to daily or more.When I got married, my wife was super kinky and she an avid daily masturbator too. This is where I learned the joys of mutual head. Nearly every blowjob I received, I returned the favor by eating her pussy to her satisfaction, usually before getting out of bed every day, for most of the 12 years we were together. She turned me on to self-sucking on a drunken dare one night and even got into the yoga classes with me so I could get better at self-sucking, as well as screwing. She helped me keep my cock in my mouth and would rim me and jerk me off into my own mouth while she masturbated and talked dirty to me.

This was so we could snowball my cum back and forth mostly. It really drove her wild watching me take my own cumshot, then French-kiss it back into her mouth until I went everywhere. She was a big squirter and loved grinding and getting tongue-fucked until she came on my face. Swallowing huge blasts of girl juice is much harder than taking my own cumshot though. Eventually, I really developed the taste for my own cum and started working auto-fellatio into my private time more often. In addition to a near daily sex life early on I maintained a regular daily masturbation life as well, so by the time we divorced in 2004, I was already climaxing about 6-700 times a year.When I got my own apartment by myself my habit exploded though. I went from 600/year to over 1100 orgasms a year (3+ a day). My first year alone I was selfing myself and cumming in my own mouth almost every masturbation session, at least for a few minutes just from a lack of intimacy. I’ve always been very limber and have an 8” cock helps. Giving myself three blowjobs a day really got me through that first year alone. It was something to constantly look forward to and I got to be very good at orgasm timing, breath control, gag reflex control, and deep-throating. Self-sucking is very soothing and the closest thing to having a sexual partner as you can get. It was my little reward to myself more and more often. I still self-suck and cum in my mouth when I need a hard, sensual session about 15-20% of the time. I’ve maintained that average or more for the last 12 years.So to summarize the causes of my acceleration:
1. Peer pressure and free porn: 1986-1991
2. A filthy partner in crime, auto-fellatio: 1991-2003
3. Stress relief, alone time, work from home: 2004-present

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