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Many years ago, as a kid I used to play with my mates near an old derelict brick works. This one day it was red hot and my mates had gone home for their dinners and I waited for them in our “Den”. We had the usual collection of “Girlie” mags that most young lads had, secreted away from their parents eyes. I sat glancing through the pages as you do and the inevitable happened, I developed a rather large lump in the nether regions and I felt as horny as sin! No one ever came to our Den and I felt quite safe as I stripped off down to my birthday suit and proudly stood with my cock in full bloom. I did what had to be done and began to masturbate but I took my time and I had got “holding back” off to a fine art, with the usual dribbles of spunk making my hand sticky. It was fabulous, a big stiffie, the sun on my naked body what more could you ask for…Ok… a pussy to slip it in but I was only young!! with the mag open at an enticing young lady, I bashed away until I could not hold back any longer and finally let rip….it’s amazing how much spunk a young lad can generate!! it seemed as though I shot for ages…through the mist of orgasm, I heard this voice “is that what they call sperm??” …of all the people to come back early, it had to be the girl of the crew…I can recall the total emabarrassment, not only being caught wanking but naked as well!! of course she let the others know what I’d done and for weeks I was ridiculed..

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  1. I was an avid reader as a child. By the time I was 12 or 13 I had read a few autobiographies and articles that spoke of masturbation. One Autobiography spoke of a guy’s first masturbation experience and I saw that he was my age when it happened. I began to masturbate from time to time, but I was convinced that I wasn’t doing it right: I never “shot” as the boys did who I read about. I wondered if something was wrong with me.
    By the time I was 14 I was furiously masturbating every day, but without results. I doubted that I’d ever have children. When I went off to college at age 18 I was still a virgin and had never experienced a wet dream or masturbated to completion. I would sometimes masturbate for hours. There were days when I would stay in bed almost all day long, leaving my room mainly to pee so that I could resume masturbating.
    One night when I thought my roommate was asleep, I stroked myself lightly as I usually did. For some reason I was hornier than usual that night (if that was possible) and the sensation seemed especially pleasurable. I continued. Pausing occasionally to insure that my roommate was asleep, I pulled and stroked my penis harder and harder. I believed that no one could hear or know what was going on. Suddenly I experienced my first ever orgasm. I’d never experienced anything so delightful in my life. I became addicted to masturbation from that very moment.
    From the looks I got from my roommate and the whispers of some of the guys on my floor I soon realized that my experience was not a secret. I learned to masturbate every time my roommate was out of sight. I tried (unsuccessfully) to avoid touching myself when he was in the room. I actually enjoy masturbation more than sex.

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