Wet Jane at the Beach

by Wet Jane

So I was going to go to the beach yesterday, but I woke up with an ache in my back. I did not want to head down to the beach and not be able to get out of the chair. So I did some stretches yesterday, put some ice on it. Today I went to go see a chiropractor. It is better, but not 100%. So I did decide to go to the beach because I needed it. My horniness was not over the top,but I was still excited to go.

I had a very interesting day.It seems every time I go I have a new outlook on nudity and masturbation. Some men are overly aggressive, some want to be looked at and watched, others want to watch you, some very respectful and not wanting to overstep their boundaries. Today I had the last type. He was from New York, and he was very polite, and would not sit down. He made great conversation and was a good listener too. I told him I needed to go for a walk and he asked if he could come with. I said yes. Before the walk he was talking to me he was clothed and I was naked. At one point I thought how erotic is this? I was completely naked, nipples hard, a little bit of a puffy pussy and a man talking to me looking at me. He later told me he was looking at my pussy. I had my legs semi-spread, and I’m bald so he could see my lips. Not to mention I was getting turned on so I’m sure my lips were getting full.

Since I had agreed that he could come with on the walk, he dropped his belongings and took off his clothes.We went for a walk, I grab some shells and got a few glimpses of his cock. It was soft and it was good for my back to get moving. When we got back I asked him if he wanted to sit down, he said no and that he likes to watch. Then he started to talk about how it is amazing about some of the things that people do down at this beach. So of course I replied with “Like what kind of things?” He said there was there was an older couple that was playing with each other, and then a black guy with a big cock. (That was the first time he said something sexual, hence me saying he was very polite.) He said that the couple kept touching each other, Eventually they signaled the black guy to come over and let him jack off while watching them. Then I asked him, “And you were just lurking on the sidelines? He said, “Fuck yeah!” So this is when I could feel my Clit start to twitch. I knew my lips were probably getting full. So I started to glimpse at his cock to see what was stirring in him. All of a sudden he had a pre-cum drip coming out of his cock like the guy last Friday, although that guy was post orgasm. It was really hot and started making me horny. He knew that I was looking at his cock and occasional glimpses. So eventually I made a comment about the drip. That made him hard. So he started looking closer at my pussy and I asked so you like to watch? He replied with, Absolutely! So I gave my pussy a little rub, and I asked if he liked pussy. He said, “Yes I really do.” He then showed me how hard he was. I love hard cock, and that’s when I started to get engorged and wet. I decided to show him my pussy, so I lifted the hood and showed him my clitoris. To which he said, “Holy shit you have a really big clit.” That turned me on, and I needed to rub. He then looked closer and told me you are wet and I told him that’s what hard cock does to me. He really started masturbating, and I was rubbing my clitoris pretty nicely and started to moan. He kept staring at my pussy, and it ended up getting him so hot! He was standing but would put his face closer to my pussy so he could see it. Then he started analyzing and talking about it. “Your pussy is puffy, it’s really starting to open up. It really is looking like a flower. You are wet I can see it in the sun!” All to which aroused me when he spoke so respectfully about my puss. He asked if I wanted to make a movie of him jacking off to him staring at my pussy and take a few pictures. So I did.He kept looking at my pussy. Soon enough he said, “Why don’t you wrap your hand around my cock,” but that made him even more hot and then in the next breath he said, “I’m going to cum!” I honestly feel all of his words, thoughts, sensations, and horny pussy really took him over the edge. He had a pretty nice load, and he just kept jerking it until he got it all out. I masturbated to his orgasm but I never came. It was getting late, the tide was coming in, and it was getting colder. I decided that I would orgasm later. So I stopped rubbing on myself….well until now. I am in bed Rubbing on my horny clitoris giving it what she needs…a hitachi ride.

I love just laying back and rubbing on my clitoris thinking about my adventure. I am very wet.

So the problem is… I find horny men who want to play and be aroused. But they end up getting so aroused that they come while me feeding them their arousal but they don’t take the time to make me cum. I know it’s different on the beach and I am not always the easiest to make cum, but these guys need to realize that I need and love to cum too.I do like watching them cum and seeing their load!

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