Wellington Rose – The Pussyfree Libido

One of the biggest surprises awaiting a pussyfree convert is the massive increase in their libido. There is a natural spike that occurs with the new, but the pussyfree baseline remains higher than before conversion, and often times involves multiple, different types of release. This is the effect of the ‘pussyfree orgasm’, and the permission it gives to mentally explore their newfound sexuality.

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This is a great series of essays on the Pussyfree phenomenon: how it snares masturbators, how they surrender, how other pussyfree masturbators condition new recruits, etc. Wellington Rose describes his personal journey from unsuspecting alpha copulator to pathetic pussyfree masturbator.

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2 thoughts on “Wellington Rose – The Pussyfree Libido”

  1. Totally agree with him. I’ve been a pussy free masturbator 12 years now and I couldn’t imagine having an orgasm without masturbating.

    Some men just aren’t made to fuck.

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