Wellington Rose – The Power of Pussyfree Conditioning

This is a great series of essays on the Pussyfree phenomenon: how it snares masturbators, how they surrender, how other pussyfree masturbators condition new recruits, etc. Wellington Rose describes his personal journey from unsuspecting alpha copulator to pathetic pussyfree masturbator.

  1. The Power of Pussyfree Conditioning: How pussyfree content engages you, and with enough exposure changes how you view sexual intercourse, and your role in it.
  2. Staying Pussyfree: A Journey of Retreat, Reload, Relapse, Repeat…  Becoming a pussyfree beta was just the beginning. After that began a cycle of withdrawal and acceptance that made for an ever-strengthening commitment to staying pussyfree, and a deeper dive into betadom.
  3. Moment of Truth — The Pussyfree Pause: There is a moment in every pussyfree conversion via Whiteboisex where the person being converted realizes this isn’t a game anymore, and a change is happening. This is the ‘Pussyfree pause’ and it’s the last chance to turn back for a lot of people.
  4. Beware the Siren Call of the Pussyfree: I went to investigate why men were willingly becoming pussyfree betas and whitebois, and rather than finish the assigned article, I got too close to the subject matter, and wound up getting converted into a pussyfree whiteboi instead.

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