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Hi all, I’m an FtM (female to male) transman here. It’s been really hot reading all of your experiences. This will seem like a brain dump but I just wanted to start out by saying that I started masturbating sometime before kindergarten and my mom would always find me grinding my diaper a lot as a toddler. Then in kindergarten, I would always masturbate under the sheets (we had sleeping bags on the floor) on my stomach during nap time and the teacher would always ask me why my panties were wet and I’d always lie and tell her and my mom that I’d peed my pants. Then after that, my mom would catch me “doing bad things” in the bed as she would call it as I was growing up. In grade school, I would continue to masturbate during nap time (we would be sleeping at our desks with our head down on the table), I’d slip my hand down my pants and rub myself under the desk until I came on a daily basis.

After I got on testosterone in my second year of college, I’d remember sweating and writhing in pleasure and hunger, rubbing my soaking pussy naked on my bed during the heat of summer in my stuffy dorm room trying to find release. The hormones definitely helped me open up my sexuality as I wasn’t really sexually attracted to men much before that. I felt it was a blessing as I got attracted to more porn and started discovering more kinks and doing public risky things (rubbing and grinding myself against the wall in a public bathroom/streaking in the dorm hallway). I’ve also gotten a daddy fetish and have definitely done some hot shit with my dad’s stuff (not sure if it’s allowed to say it here, PM me if you’d like), not directly with him though unfortunately.

Also unfortunate is the fact that I have penetration troubles with my pussy else I’d love imagining my slut self going wild and being used as a fleshlight for gooner men and feeling my pussy fueling their lust.

That’s all the mischief that I’ve done and I’ve been wanting to keep myself on edge and surrender myself to masturbating more as I haven’t felt up to it lately from work and covid stress. I really enjoy reading the brain feeds on here and if you’re into phone or cam bating with a transman let me know.

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