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Sitting in front of the full length mirror in the Masturbatorium. Sitting up close, naked. my legs spread out. I can see all of my penis and my balls this way; if I move just right I can watch my anus clench and unclench too. I love watching myself get hard like this. I don’t touch my cock at first. Once I know I am gonna masturbate it’s hard to keep my dick from stiffening up immediately anyway, but I give it some help by playing with my nipples as I watch my erection grow. Pinching them and pulling them and getting that sweet feeling in them from squeezing around my aureoles until everything is aroused and hard ….

…. It’s erotic watching my cock rise up and stand erect between my thighs.For years I’ve been using this hand lotion my wife keeps on her dresser. It comes out of the bottle easily when I smear it on my dick. It’s thick enough when I first rub it on that there is a nice buildup of the lotion between my fingers. I don’t know why I like that, but I do. It’s kind of messy that way and sort of acts like an advanced sensation of my cum coating my fingers. That first feeling of touching my cock wehn I rub the lotion all over it is hard to describe, it’s just “wonderful”. Anyway I’ve been using her hand lotion for years as a back-up lube for when I suddenly need to masturbate right now (!) and can’t get to my tube of sex lubricant quick enough. I sort of feel like I’m cheating on her when I use her stuff to masturbate with. There’s an added pleasure with her hand lotion too. It smells like her when I rub it on my prick. Or maybe it just smells like “woman”: sexy clean, slightly perfumy. Anyway it gets slick enough and lasts long enough for me to fuck my hand pussy for a long session until I cum. Later when I open my fly to pee or something it smells sexy down there in my crotch and reminds me that I am happy I jacked off.I wonder how many of the rest of us use our wife’s cosmetics to jack off with?

Source: (33) My Masturbation Log — Earl Flen – Page 6 – Onania Masturbator Forum

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