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Lately i’ve really started getting into trigger words more. It’s like a condensed form of stimulation, with each word or phrase reminding me of a suite of erotic fantasies i’ve wanked to over the years.

Penis – i don’t really like the word “cock,” since it implies a Real Man’s penis, something big and girthy. My little nubbin doesn’t deserve that word. “Penis” feels clinical; not non-sexual, but like the word a girl would use when pointing it out: “oh my god, look at his little penis!”

Masturbator – a classic, hard to find a better term. Also has a good rhythm when you chant it.

Spurt – My favorite word for cumming, though i also like splurtspoogespunksissy-creamloser-goo… i sometimes say it when i’m cumming: spurt spurt spurt spurt! When i’m feeling emasculated, i imagine women calling my orgasms “spurty-spurts”

This is a powerful one for me, and one i like to use when wanking off to MILFs and fantasizing about them being my dominant, sexually overbearing Mother. i love the emasculating, embarrassing feeling it evokes when i moan it out loud, a perversion of a youthful term of affectionate address twisted into an intensely erotic moan of sexual desire and shameful regression, which would surely earn me the mockery of anyone who heard or saw me in the throes of my incestuous fantasy-bating. It sounds deeply perverse and pathetic morning “Oh, Mommy! Oh, Mommy!” in your most ardor-filled sexual moans as you pump away for her.One of the first forms of trigger words i remember forming in my mind were associated with the mental image of a bunch of cheerleaders chanting it to me with the intention of drawing everyone’s attention to me and laughing at me as i masturbated. There’s a seed of that fantasy at the heart of all of them, i think.So i like to chant it to a beat, like a cheerleader squad cheer:“Jack it off, jerk it off, jack it off!”

“Sissy boy, sissy boy, what is your favorite toy? Dainty scanties! Sweet underpanties!” (This one is from a favorite erotica of mine)

“Panty panty panty boy, panty panty panty boy!”

“Sissy, sissy, siss-sy! Sissy, sissy, siss-sy!” (just nice to remind myself of what i am, thinking of girls saying it to me and also laughing at me for admitting it)

“Teeny weenie, teeny weenie!” (pretty self-explanatory, but i specifically imagine it said a certain way due to hearing it in an erotic audio clip years ago, when the woman saying it was giggling and saying it in a sing-song teasing way, and her voice sounded exactly like a married friend of mine i’d jerked off to fantasies about for ages)

Oooh, sex! Yeah, sex! Oooh, sex! Yeah, sex!” (this is one i like for fantasies in which i’m actually having sex, though almost always under embarrassing circumstances, and this helps to remind me how pathetic i am, even while having sex. It sounds so ridiculous, inexperienced, unworldly, like when you were younger and the word had this mysterious potent magic to it. It reminds me of a real experience when a girl i knew from school called me unexpectedly one day after she moved out of town, and asked me point-blank “So, do you wanna have sex?” i was so stunned and sexually repressed that i didn’t know how to respond, and of course i did desperately want to have sex but felt immense shame for even considering it. The bluntness of her question has always made that simple word powerfullly erotic to me. It also reinforces that i’m such a pathetic masturbator that even vanilla sex is elusive to me)

“Oooh, oooh, oooh! Oooh, oooh, oooh!“ (done in a high-pitched, effeminate way – helps me feel good and girly and submissive. Inspired in part by Richard’s Podcasturbation on the moan of the masturbator)



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