tied up and my stamina is tested with masturbation machine!!

There were about 10 doms with slaves already there. I was lead from the truck with only my leash on, stroking my rock hard cock. I was paraded across the front lawn and into the house in front of a group of women where my ankles were shackled to the floor a little more than shoulder width apart, and my right arm was cuffed to a ring on the ceiling, and I kept jacking off with my left hand. I kept my eyes on the floor in front of me and I could hear them laughing, pretty soon a fucking machine was brought into the room and set up with a fleshlight was put in place of the didlo that was on it. My left wrist was cuffed to the ceiling, my cock was inserted into the fleshlight and the machine turned on. My owner came over and as she whipped me on the ass with a riding crop she told me I better not cum till I’m told to.  She said if I fail her I will be fucked by all the other slaves and if I do good I might get to service a female.

more at Life and times of a Chronic Masturbator: In front of group I’m tied up and my stamina is tested with masturbation machine!!.

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