The Psychology of the Penis

I’m not sure why, but I’ve always been mesmerized by “having a penis”, and it’s such a weird dynamic with peers, friends, family, colleagues, and so on. It’s such a weird thing that every (anatomic) male between their legs, has this secret physical thing that influences their confidence, sense of self, and which is the fundamental tool biologically driving them to want to have sex or impregnate women. It’s not something talked about in polite company, but it’s just kind of crazy to me that we all have them, we’re all packing probably something a little bit different and we all know our size (but would never share it), and we’re all subtly competitive about it and curious how we compare. Clearly, somehow, it seems, nearly everyone develops this subtle link between their overall psychology and sense of self and their penis. And I want to learn more about how it affects others. I’m curious to talk to you regardless of your size.

Obviously “cock size” is a stand-in for so many things. Our strengths and shortcomings, and all the ways we are psychologically raised to feel about them. What pressures were placed on you in life, were you taught to feel competitive, who are you trying to impress and measure up to, and whose standards are you constantly evaluating yourself and perhaps running from? I’d love to hear all about your life psychology and the forces that raised you as you are.

I’m curious how girls feel about that, too, if Freud was right that “penis envy” is a thing. How do they feel that every one of their male classmates has a penis charged with hormones pulsing with energy to want to invade their bodies. Or do they even realize that? Obviously every guy they’ve been with has one, and each one is probably a little bit different. It’s kind of crazy to me that every girl has that portfolio in her mind whenever she’s with a new guy, and none of it is knowledge to him.

For guys…

I’m curious about the story of your penis…

How old are you? What’s your life story?

What is your penis like?

How did you discover its size, and were you surprised when you found out?

Were you ever insecure about it? Did you feel competitive about it?

How does your “penis percentile” compare to your other percentiles in life? Your intelligence? Your athleticism? Your attractiveness? Your social status?

How does it affect your overall sense of self? Your ego? Your confidence? Your identity?

Have you seen the penises of others you know? Family members? Close friends? Teammates? How does yours compare?

If you had to guess, how big would your mom guess your penis is?

How many people know what your penis is like? How do you feel about the fact they know?

How has it manifested in your sexual experiences? Has it been a benefit or a shortcoming? How does it feel when you have sex? And if you haven’t had sex, do you think your penis has held you back?

What other sexual assets or shortcomings do you have? How does penis size rank among the list?

Do you feel like you’ve come to terms with what you have? Do you have a good handle on it? Or do you still think about it a lot?

What are your other thoughts on penis size as a component of psychology?

What are the other drivers of your overall psychology / confidence? What things from your upbringing shape your psychology the most?

Are there any dark fears, fetishes, insecurities, or cravings that tie in?

For girls:

I’m curious what your thoughts are on guys and our penises generally? I assume you think we spend too much time thinking about them? Are you intimidated by them? Annoyed by the fact we always want them pleased? Irritated by the embedded misogyny? Or do you just laugh at how immature and vulnerable we are around them?

Did you ever feel envious that you don’t have a penis? Or are you just glad not to have the hassles of one?

How many penises have you encountered in your life? What were they like?

What’s it like getting fucked or invaded by a penis? What is it like to pleasure one?

How do you feel about the fact that we cum so much quicker and more easily than you do? And that sex has the tendency to be somewhat one-sided?

Has penis size impacted the level of pleasure you’ve received? What were the penis sizes of your best boyfriends?

Does knowing a guy’s penis size affect how you think of him?

Have you ever lied to a guy to protect his ego around penis size?

What have you told your friends about your partners’ penis sizes? Anything? Or is that a secret of ours you keep private?

What size penises would you guess run in your family? Whose penis is bigger? Your boyfriend’s, your brother’s, or your dad’s?

Do you ever think about guys’ penis size when you see everyday guys in everyday life?

Do you know how sensitive we are about our dicks? Have you ever made a disparaging comment or a joke about a guy’s size, or suspected size?

What other thoughts around the topic do you have?

For Non-Binary or Trans:

All of the questions above can apply as well. But also, how has your penis affected your life/identity?

If you are anatomically female, what is it about desiring to have a penis that you enjoy and how will your life change because of it?

I am available on Reddit chat, but also PMs. And overall I prefer the D-Platform to communicate.


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