The Pink Pamper

The Pink Pamper
by sheepisheyes

I have a spot in my basement, sort of a man cave although I’m not
really much of a man, with my desk and computer where I
spend most of my masturbation hours. Occasionally my wife will allow
me to masturbate in front of her. She does not find me desirable
sexually anymore but she will let me play with myself in front of her.

We stopped having sex years ago, and I am surprised she doesn’t leave
me. I know that I should not have sex with women and probably never
could again. I am a chronic masturbator in life and I accept that.
Fortunately she seems fine without sex and I love my hand.

One evening I tried my usually pathetic attempt to seduce her into
sex, which we both knew had zero chance of working but the rejection
turns me on and after my feeble attempt, I begged her to let me play
with myself. Out of pity she said yes and I ran down stairs, came back
with my Vaseline, pulled my pants to my ankles, put my head on her lap
and started stroking.

She just looks at me and shakes her head and laughs. “How much of that
Vaseline to you go thru in a month?” I just shrug and keep wanking.
“I’m sure quite a lot given the grease stains on your underwear I see
in the laundry”. I said “I know I’m so pathetic. I can’t help it”.
She says “I know that but I’m getting sick of it getting into the
other clothes in the laundry. I can’t believe how much you must play
with yourself. Maybe if we put you in a diaper when you jerked off it
would not be so messy”. I just looked up at her and groaned. The
mental picture turned me on so much I shot my load. She laughed at me
“Oh my God that turns you on? Look at you, you came when I said
that?! I wasn’t being serious. Wow! you are reaching a new level of

I started cleaning myself up getting Vaseline on my underwear. “See
what I’m talking about” she looked at me with a condescending look.
“Maybe its not such a bad idea”. I waddled to the bathroom with my
pants around my ankles and my head cast down to clean up my mess. She
watched me as she continued shaking her head.

My wife started acting a little differently after that. She seemed to
give me more condescending looks and comments. She was dressing a
little sexier too. That night when I went to go to bed, she was
sitting up reading a book. She put her book down and watched me as I
saw sitting on my pillow, a pink pamper with princesses on it, adult

“Well?” she said. I didn’t know how to respond but I could feel myself
getting hard.”Look at you. Don’t tell me a diaper is turning you on?”
she said. “It’s pink with princesses” I said sheepishly. “I think
that’s appropriate for a pathetic sissy don’t you?” She had never
called me a sissy before but here I was at a cross roads. I turned
beet red and looked down. I felt like a little boy.

“Let’s see if you’re a sissy or not. A real man would come over here,
bend me over and fuck me or you can ask me to put that diaper on you
right now. You chose. Sissy” she said contemptuously. We both new the
answer. After a few minutes I asked “Please put the diaper on me” I
couldn’t believe I said it. I though I might cum in my underwear right
then. She laughed “I knew it! I actually though for a minute you
would at least try to be a man.”

“Lay on the bed and lets get this diaper on you.” I did as I was told.
She removed my underwear and my cock sprang up as hard as it has
ever been. “I can’t believe this is turning you on. You are
beyond pathetic”. She tucked the diaper under my bum and started
taping it up. She bent my cock onto my stomach and taped the
diaper shut. “I need to take a picture in case I need to
blackmail you someday” she laughed.”No please don’t!” I
cried. “Start playing with yourself” She ordered and handed me my
lube. I felt helpless and started jerking my cock inside the
diaper as she snapped pictures of me with her cell phone.

I didn’t last long and filled my diaper with cum. She watched me and
knew I was cumming and took another picture.”You are the most pathetic
person I have ever known and now you are sissy too! I cannot believe
my husband is wearing a pink princess diaper, playing with himself and
letting me take pictures. There is no longer any chance I will ever
have sex with you. I need to rethink things.”

“What should I do now?” I asked. “Keep it on and go to sleep, now you
wont have to get up and pee in the middle of the night” she laughed.
She got back in and started reading as I lied next to her in my
diaper. After a while I just gave in and started wetting my
diaper. She heard the sound and lowered her book and looked at me and
smiled. “That’s a good boy. Sleep well sissy” and she shut of the

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