The Perfect Marriage

Within seconds, Frank felt it approaching. He let out a long, long moan, as the point of no return, passed, and the time between that and the first spurt seemed to go on for seconds. And then the spurting started…many many spurts. The first couple he did not aim properly, and they splashed against the tank. “Aim properly you dirty pig”, Lisa yelled at him. He got the rest of them into the bowl.


The Perfect Marriage


Chapter One

Lisa and Frank had been married for 2 years, but they hadn’t consummated the marriage yet, at least not in the traditional sense.

They had been “going out” with each other for a short while before getting married. Frank had been given the company that his father had run. But when both parents were gone, he had been trying to run it himself. And not successfully. So, he had hired Lisa, who was very attractive to help him run the business. Soon, she had the business running well. For her good work, Frank had given her 49% of the company. Frank was also hopefully in lust with her. He was a 24 year old virgin, and Lisa was 27 years old, and so powerful. Lisa had plenty of boyfriends, and Frank was restricted to masturbation and all of his elaborate fantasies. And a lot of his fantasies started to revolve around Lisa. And she had noticed that he was staring at her a lot, and she also noticed the little tent in his pants, and his frequent trips to the bathroom. Lisa realized that he was easy prey, and she could soon have the majority, if not all of his company….  

On their first date, she teased him mercilessly, wearing super short skirt, letting him hold her hand, her putting her hand on his thighs, but never quite touching his penis. Finally, she said to him, “you know I have a few boyfriends, right?”.

“Yes Lisa, I know, they are very lucky”, Frank said.

“And you have never had a girlfriend, have you”, she stated, more than asked.

“No, never” he said softly.

“Have you ever even kissed a girl”, she asked. “No, never”, he said embarrassed.

“I think that’s really cute. Would you like me to be your girlfriend”?

Oh my, he thought, is she really asking me that. He felt his penis stiffening. “Oh yes, very much Lisa!”.

“Well, I think we could do that..but we would have to keep it like it is. You know, I keep seeing my boyfriends, and you keep seeing yours”, as she touched his right hand and laughed. “I know you masturbate a lot honey..I see your little boner poking in your pants, and I see you go to the bathroom at work a lot to relieve yourself. And I see you staring at the other young girls in the office. Sometimes I think you are going off in your pants..the look on your face!….do you go off in your pants sometimes?”

Frank was so embarrassed. She knew about him. He couldn’t deny it. “Sometimes I do, I cant help it Lisa, I just get so hot and bothered all the time”.

“Its okay, I understand. So, lets make a deal. Whenever I tell you to, you have to masturbate in front of me. You have to wear what I tell you to, or be naked, whatever I want. And you can only squirt when I tell you that you it a deal”

“What about with you, Lisa, will you take your clothes off for me”, he asked, pleadingly.

“No, Frank, I wont. Ever. Period. But, if you are a good boy, sometimes I will wear short pants or a short skirt, or go barefoot. Would you like that? You can look at my bare legs and bare toes, but you can never touch me, would you like that”?

“Oh yes, I would love it so much Lisa”. He penis was throbbing now, and he was afraid of going off in his pants.

“I see that you do, as She looked at his tenting pants. Lets go back to your place, and you can show me your apartment. I have never seen it”.

“Yes please Lisa, lets go” he said with some urgency.

I ‘ve got him, Lisa thought…he is hooked. Soon I will rule his life and his company completely.

Chapter Two

Once inside his apartment, she ordered him to get naked immediately. Which he did. She thought of taking off her shoes, so he could look at her bare toes, but she left them on, as she didn’t want him to have pleasure overload, and have an accident.

“Oh my, your pubic hair is shaved, and so are your legs, and everything!”, she exclaimed. “And those are girls panties”, as she pointed on the floor to the pair he had just taken off.

“Yes Lisa, I love to wear them…I hope its okay with you”

“I think its cute”, she said.

“And your penis is so little, but I love the way it sticks straight up like that”, she said.

“Yes Maam, I am glad you like it”, he said.

“Maam huh” she laughed . “Good boy!”

“Show me your computer and the kind of stuff you like to look at”.

He showed her his huge list of favourites on Pornhub… Femdom, cumshots, shemales, sissies.

“Show me your latest, fave vid”. He showed her a Barefoot Princess vid, where She had him squirting with a ball vice being tightened. “You should get a vice like that, and show me how you can make yourself squirt like that”.

“I will get one Lisa..I would love to show you”

“I bet you would”, she said.

“Do you have anything saved to your hard drive?’. He opened up the drive, and she saw dozens of folders, with all kinds of titles. Cumshots, young, gay, bi, sissies, femdom, cbt, ballbusting, shemales, crossdressers, panties, chastity, teasing.

“Wow, that’s quite a collection. You must spend all your spare time masturbating?”.

“Yes, Maam, I do”, Frank replied.

Lisa told him to lay on the floor, on his back, and play with his little penis, while looking up at the computer screen.

“Remember, no orgasms, and also you are never allowed to look at me when you are masturbating. You have to look at the computer or close your eyes and imagine what I look like. Is that understood?”

“Yes, Maam”

Frank had to stop and take his hand away, as he was way too close. He shot out a little shot of clear precum…”Careful!”, she yelled at him. “Sorry”, he said.

“Don’t look at me!!!”….she admonished him. His eyes went back to the computer, where she had opened up the “young” folder, and was going through the pictures of flat chested girls. Frank moaned….”you are so perverted…disgusting person”, and then smiled at him. That made Frank moan again.

“Okay, I am going out with my boyfriend tonight. You stay here and keep playing as much as you like. But remember, no orgasms. And I WILL be able to tell if you cheated, next time I see you..remember that. And I don’t know when I will see you again..sometime in the next few days I guess. Keep your phone on”.

“Yes Maam” he stammered, as she left him laying naked on the floor with his penis in his hand.

Lisa thought to herself as she closed the door to his apartment..”I own him”, with a smile on her face.

Chapter Three

So, after a couple of years of this, they married. Nobody was invited. They just went to the justice of the peace and got a license. To celebrate, Lisa wore short pants and went barefoot and Frank got to look at her legs and feet for a few moments, while he played with his penis. As a special treat, she let Frank clip her toenails, and had him eat her toenail clippings. He told her that it was the horniest he had ever been in his life. Lisa then got fully dressed.

Frank asked her if he could kiss her, on their wedding day, as he had never kissed a girl.

“On the lips?”, she asked, rather horrified.

“That would be nice Mistress, if you would allow it” he begged.

“Well, you can kiss my cheek, but just a peck”.

Frank eagerly moved towards her and gave her a peck on her cheek, but at the same time his stiff penis touched against her jeans, and Lisa looked down in horror as a string of his pre cum stretched between the tip of his penis and her pants.

“Oh, for christs sakes Frank, look what you did!” , as she quickly pushed him away. “You are so fucking gross”….He hung his head in shame.

Even though he already knew the answer, Frank asked her if there was any chance that he could have an orgasm on their wedding day, even by himself if she didn’t want to see it…she laughed at him. “Are you fucking kidding me…after what you just did?? no way. I cant believe you would even ask. I don’t want you spraying your horrible semen all over the place on our wedding day. Talk about a way to ruin the day. You are sooooo selfish”.

“I am sorry Mistress”, he whimpered.

“Anyway, it’s our wedding night, and to celebrate, I am going out and spending a couple of days at a nice hotel with Jim”, she said. Jim was her regular boyfriend for the last few months. A very good looking and fit Alpha male who she was in love with.

“How does it make you feel that Jim and I are going to be together in a hotel room on the day that you and I got married”, she asked Frank.

“It makes me feel horny and excited Mistress”, he replied.

“I knew it would. So, you can celebrate by staying here alone with your porn and playing with your little penis….God you are pathetic….Okay, see you later. I will be back in a few cumming!”.

Chapter Four

And so started the marriage of Lisa and Frank. And they had signed a prenuptial whereby Frank gave her everything. All of the company, all of his assets. He was left with nothing, except his stupid little penis in his hand, and wife that he had never even seen with her clothes off….and he couldn’t have been happier. What a loser.

Lisa didn’t spend much time with Frank. He was mostly left alone to masturbate. She spent a lot of time with her boyfriend. She rarely spent the night at their apartment. And even if she did, Frank was not allowed to sleep in her room. He had never been allowed in her room, at all. And she kept it locked all the time anyway. He had a mattress in a closet. A mattress without a sheet and just one rough blanket on it. The mattress had all kinds of precum stains on it, as Frank would often feel the need to hump the mattress in the night time. His orgasms were quite rare…There was no regular schedule, just whenever Lisa took pity on him. Maybe every couple of months on average. Early on, she had allowed him to cum on himself, but recently, he has to shoot his cum into the toilet bowl while she looked on. She said his semen was too disgusting, and needed to be flushed immediately. She would often tell Frank about how Jim would shoot all over her naked body, and how much she loved that. She would sometimes tell him that, just as he had reached the Point of No return in front of the toilet bowl. It would start him spurting immediately.

Lisa had told him that she had been telling Jim all about Frank, and Jim found it all hard to believe. So, she told Frank that Jim was coming over to see it for himself.

“Oh, really, Mistress, does he have to..please no, I am so shy”, he begged.

“Don’t be so stupid, as always. I want him to see you..he will get a kick out of it…besides I am sure you will have a nice play session afterwards, when you think about how humiliating it was”, she told him.

“Yes Mistress”

Her phone rang..”Hi darling, yes come on up”.

“Put some little girl panties on, and kneel, present yourself properly to him when he comes in”, she ordered him.

Frank hurriedly slipped on a pair of cotton panties, with floral designs, and knelt near the door.

When Jim saw him, he laughed out loud. He stood beside Lisa with his arm around her and said “Look at that fucking thing..he is unbelievably pathetic”.

“I know” she said. “Frank, pull your panties down at the front, and show Jim your little penis”. It was rock hard and he pulled the panties down, at the front and his little stiffie pointed straight up as usual.

“It looks like a little kids penis”, laughed Jim.

“Its ridiculous isn’t it” said Lisa. “Watch him play with it its funny..go ahead Frank, play with your penis”. Frank did as told. “He isn’t allowed to look at me when he is touching himself….which is most of the time”, she laughed.

“Good sure he would shoot off in seconds if he did look at you”. Jim replied.

“Okay, Frank, Jim and I are going out now..will be back tomorrow probably. Oh, Jim, when we return do you want to see Frank shoot his horrible semen into the toilet bowl? He hasn’t cum in a couple of months, and he might put on quite a show for us”

“Yeah that will be funny to see”, Jim said.

“Okay Frank you get nice and ready with all your favourite porn, and when we get back in a day or two, if you seem horny enough, we might let you cum for us”, she instructed.

“Thank you Mistress”, Frank said while looking at the door, as they closed it behind them, and left him alone, again.

Chapter Five

Frank remembered how she had said that if he seemed horny enough, she would let him cum, so he was determined to be just that. Of course, he didn’t know at all when they would could be one day or many days. Oh my god, its gonna be so good…was all he could keep thinking. Imagining himself kneeling at the toilet bowl and exploding while they watched him, and laughed at him. Just the thought of it was making him nearly spurt. Careful, he thought to himself.

While he was still capable of doing it, he thought he better shave his body, and paint his toenails and fingernails a nice bright red. If he waited too long, he wouldn’t be able to pull himself away from the porn, and he would be shaking so bad, he would make a mess of his nails.

After he was done, he admired himself in the mirror, and then put on a pair of thigh high fishnet stockings, and sat at his computer. He immersed himself in the most perverted porn that he had for a few hours, and then would lay on the bed for a while, conjuring up elaborate and perverted fantasies in his head, and always returning to the though of squirting in to the toilet in front of Mistress and her boyfriend. How exquisite! He carried on like this….sleeping fitfully, eating a bit, trying to stay hydrated, when he remembered to drink water. He wanted to put on a pair of really short shorts, and go to the mall and expose his shaved legs to people there, but he knew he couldn’t leave the apartment, as he didn’t know when they would return. He was in and out of his panties, and his stockings and totally nude and displaying himself on webcam on Chaturbate and other sites, and taking pictures, including his face and posting them on his tumblr site. He couldn’t remember a hornier time.

Finally, on the third day, as he was looking at girls with flat chests on the computer, the door opened and Mistress and her boyfriend walked in. Frank had his hand on his penis, and knew he couldn’t look at Mistress when doing that, so he kept his hand there and stared at the screen.

“Look, what he’s looking at Jim”, Lisa said. “He is so perverted”, Jim said.

“Seems as if he has been having fun, Jim”, as they looked around the room….girls panties strewn here and there, stockings. “And his nails are all done up for us, Jim”, Lisa laughed.

“Have you been having fun, Frank” she asked.

“Oh yes Mistress, so much fun, I have been thinking about you and Jim so much”

“I bet you have”, she said.

“We had a good time too Frank..Jim and I stayed at a very nice hotel on the beach. But we stayed in the room a lot too”, as she laughed. “How many times did we make love, darling? Must have been 10 times? I never came so much. And you should see what a good lover he is, Frank..of course you never will, but he can last and last, and Jim, you are a wonderful pussy eater”.

“Why thank you darling”, Jim said as they embraced and went in to a deep, deep French kiss. Frank was now looking at the floor and vigorously masturbating his little penis.

“Frank, we just popped in so I could get some clothes. We are going to stay at Jim’s house for a few days”.

“Oh”, Frank said, as he thought now she wasn’t going to let him squirt.

“Is there something you want to ask me”, she said

“Yes, Mistress, may I be allowed to orgasm..i have been a good boy, and am so so so horny”.

“Well, we don’t give a shit how horny you are, okay, but make it fast, we don’t want to be around you long”, she replied.

“Thank you Mistress”, he excitedly blurted out, and he nearly ran to the toilet.

“Put on your thigh high fishnets first. I don’t want you to orgasm when you are bare naked this time”, she said. He obeyed and quickly pulled them on, but they actually made him feel more naked, not less.

Mistress and Jim stood beside the bowl, as Frank knelt in front of it, completely naked and shaved, except for his thigh stockings. “Okay, do it, and hurry up about it” Lisa said.

Within seconds, Frank felt it approaching. He let out a long, long moan, as the point of no return, passed, and the time between that and the first spurt seemed to go on for seconds. And then the spurting started…many many spurts. The first couple he did not aim properly, and they splashed against the tank. “Aim properly you dirty pig”, Lisa yelled at him. He got the rest of them into the bowl.

“That was ridiculous” Jim said. “So watery, like a boys cum”.

“I know, his orgasms are just disgusting”, Lisa said.

“Okay, stay in the toilet until we leave, we don’t want to look at you”.

Frank stayed slumped over the bowl, wilting penis in hand, as his lovely Wife and her gorgeous boyfriend left him alone…again.


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