The orgasm that lasts FOUR months

…..Daedone stresses that OM is not foreplay; it’s practised separately from sex and away from the bed and is not designed to induce orgasm, but to keep the woman on a plateau of sensation.

The way I read things, OM is a form of recalibration that prepares the body for better, more intense sex. It seems far-fetched until you consider how the intense practice of Pilates and stretches are an essential preparation for ballet.

Daedone believes most people don’t know the lightest touch can produce the greatest sensation in the female body and that the most important thing is stripping away the barriers to true feeling and becoming joyfully, guiltlessly connected.

The lights-on, talky-talky strategy is designed to help dismantle inhibitions….

via The orgasm that lasts FOUR months… and how achieving it involves keeping your clothes on and not turning out the lights! | Mail Online.

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