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by JackRabbit308 » Mon Jan 23, 2023 12:15 pm

I would see jokes about puberty all the time.

“Just the wind blowing the right way will give you a boner”

“Boys turn into sex fiends when they hit puberty”

But being that horny was temporary. You should level out your hormones and be a functioning member of society.

But I never grew out of being horny and interesting enough I never grew into wanting sex over masturbation. My brain never switched off “horny little masturbator” mode!

Today, I was watching a review of Las Vegas on YouTube and the host lifts her shirt over her head to head to the pool. My brain switches off and gives full command to my penis. I was fully erect and kept rewinding to have this woman just lift up her shirt. She wasn’t naked underneath and no porn or sex was expected. She had a one piece on for crying out loud! But here I am with my pants completely off going through this woman’s channel for anything sexual. She goes to a bar and wears a low cut dress, Click! She is out by the pool in a conservative swimsuit, Click! She ties her hair back in a tank top, Clickety click!

I am scavenging like a teen with no internet. A few seconds of cleavage excites me more than hours of porn. She isn’t asking me to jerk for her but she should have known a masturbator like me would have spurted to her in a Christmas sweater! I don’t want full nudity and sex from a woman. I want to find the masturbation muse, not have it spoon fed to me. I love masturbation so so much! I am still that kid watching morning workout shows in his room with the volume muted and his hand pumping away under his blankets.

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