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The Girl in the Drive Thru

by Jack Rabbit

I am working at a new office and there is not a lot of food choices for lunch except for a fast food place down the road. I usually bring my own lunch but one day I got lazy and decided I would just grab something there.

I ordered and through the speaker I hear this woman trying to take my order. She spoke in broken English but was doing her best. When I pulled up I saw this cute woman around 30, quite skinny, black and brown hair, and pink lipstick. She apologized and said she was new. I reassured her I was fine with everything and she smiled. I got my order and she never lost her smile as I drove away.

When I got to work I couldnt help myself. I rushed to the bathroom and rubbed one out thinking about our interaction. The next day I didn’t take a lunch to work. The woman always shows that she remembered me by smiling and trying to make a conversation. I really think I could ask her out if I wanted to.

She has been popping into my head at night while I pump away into a sock before bed. My blanket bounces up and down as I imagine her standing over me and smiling as she watches me masturbate. Funny enough I still picture her in her polo shirt and headset. Now when I pull up to order I squeeze my penis through my slacks as I wait to hear her voice through the speaker.

When I hear that accent say “may I take your order?”
I want to blurt out, “yes could you hop into my car and watch me jerk off?”

I can imagine her trying to comprehend what I am saying and then asking me to pull to the window. She would smile after seeing it was me and agree to my proposal. We would sit in my car in the parking lot and I would strip out of my suit and be completely nude for her. I would love her brown eyes analyzing my body and focusing on my penis.

My car would be rocking as I reclined and beat my meat senseless for her. I would ask her her name and moan it for her. The car would fill with the sound of her name and my fist slapping away.

I would give her a great show and end with a huge load for her! I would hope seeing that would make her gasp. Such a huge load for her!

Cleaning myself up with napkins from the restaurant I would thank her and she would smile and head back to work.

Until then she is my main masturbation muse.


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