The Fortune Teller

The Fortune Teller

by Jack Rabbit

Madame Raven Sees All, Knows All!

The sign said in giant emerald green letters. The words surrounded an image of the fortune teller. She was bending over a table looking into a crystal ball. She knew what she was doing, bending in that gypsy costume showed so much cleavage and her lips had a slight pucker to them which made my penis stiffen immediately in my pants.

Being the shy guy I am I never have had luck with women let alone a seductress like the one in the photo! I adjusted my member to hide my hardon and stepped into Madame Raven’s doors. You could tell the place had once been a dentist office or something clinical. Everything was painted black but you could see that you were standing in a reception area. Madame Raven had filled the place with supernatural stuff to fit her theme. Photos of black cats and crows, a lot of red velvet things, and books that looked old but were probably bought at a thrift store as filler.

“I’ve been expecting you.” My body tensed as I heard her from behind me. “Have you come to see what I know? Get a glimpse of your future?”

“Oh I, yeah.” was all I could say before I needed to look away. She looked just like her photo, cleavage and all. “I thought I would give it a try”

“Come with me” She offered her hand. I took it and felt light headed. Her hands were soft and warm. I never wanted to let go!

She pulled me into a backroom and sat me down, her hand never letting go of mine. The room was completely black with a single overhead light illuminating a small table. She opened up my fingers and began to trace my palm. She closed her eyes and started my fortune.

“I see you are a lonely man… You are a virgin. At this age?” She opened one eye to look me up and down. I turned beat red and shrunk in my seat but she tightened her grasp on my hand.

“Never so much as touch a woman. But why do I see so much lust in your soul?”

She ran a nail over my palm and my dick nearly ripped through my pants.

“Ah! This is your lover?” She pointed to my hand. “You find pleasure in your own company. I see many nights of passionate fist fucking. But not just at night? All hours of the day!”

I was humiliated! I tried to pull away but her hand somehow locked me in place.

“Oh my! You are so abusive to yourself! I see you in your bed, the shower, the kitchen! The kitchen?” She opened her eye again and I saw disgust. Why was I still so hard? I feel like her disgust excited me.

“Oh no. 10 minutes ago? In your car. Masturbating to my billboard outside!” She almost dropped my hand but continued. “You grip your manhood so tight, too tight. Your pace is so fast! Many years you have practiced this method. I know your question and the answer is yes. Your self love has stunted your penis growth.”

My heart was racing, I never said that out loud but always feared it.

“Yes it is smaller than most men, and if you tried to pleasure a woman you would fail! But no woman will allow you to try because they kow. They see what Madame raven sees! A Masturbator! Admit it! Speak the truth to the cosmos and be free!!!”

“Yes!!! It’s true! I masturbate and masturbate all day long! I am a masturbator!” I buried my face in my hands and felt that my cheeks were piping hot. I could also see my crotch had a huge wet stain from all the precum.”

From the other side of the table I heard laughing. I looked up and Madame Raven had tears in her eyes from laughter.

She had lost the gypsy accent and said, “Dude I was just messing with you! I didn’t see all that!” She wiped a tear from her eye. “I just like seeing how people will react to a wild accusation and man did you fall for it hard!”

As I ran for the door I heard her stop laughing to yell “Happy Halloween jerk boy!”

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