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Penis. Cock. Dick. Dong. Testicles. Balls. Hangers. Boys.

Male genitalia. Like no other body part we have. Always there, always hanging, dangling, swinging, flopping…having to un-stick your testes from your thigh. Forever, it seems, they scream out wanting attention or getting your attention when you are otherwise focused on something else. Relentless.
I can’t speak for other men, but my genitals are always on my mind. Out in public, I feel myself dangling or rubbing against my thigh. Sitting down, there is always a bulge that let’s you know they are there. The slightest movement or thought or pop-up fantasy induces them to excitement and lust and calling out “Hey, what about us down here? We need to be free and played with.” And pornography…whew! Porn takes us on a journey to pleasure unlike any other form of entertainment can.
I can’t…I can’t leave my genitals alone. I’m always thinking about them, always want them touched and can usually spend a day or two doing nothing but enjoying my cock and balls. Sometimes, it’s too much as my house doesn’t get cleaned or my errands are ignored and my projects are put on the back burner. And it’s not a hard decision to make, I just feel the swing of my dick and all else does not matter. When I’m not masturbating I’m playing with myself or feeling myself.

I remember one of many nights walking home from work in the early hours of a summer morning. It was still dark, and I wore a pair of baggy cargo shorts. My flaccid penis was moving around and the feeling was magical. My dick started to plump up, giving more swing inside my shorts. That feeling is…indescribable. The feeling of being a man. I love that feeling or the feeling of myself rubbing against my thigh. It heightens my devotion to being a man; my masculinity…with a penis and testicles that must be ignored as we carry on our everyday lives, but, in the back of my mind, still always there.
I have often wondered if being a man and having these beautiful genitals are both a curse and a blessing of being male.
I know that most, if not all, men masturbate. But I feel like another kind of man, one who cannot ignore a certain body part that feels like it is dominant and won’t be second best to arms, legs and head. I remember when I went from wearing underwear to being a freeballer. When I would get home from work, my underwear felt too constricting. I would change into a pair of sweats and enjoy my swinging dick and balls – of course, I would masturbate but the freedom, the feeling, the sensations of my dick was an extraordinary experience that I can’t put into words. Wherever I go, whatever I am doing, whatever is on my mind, my penis is always calling for my attentions whether it be getting lost in the pleasure of just feeling myself or drowned in the fact that, as a masturbator, I can’t discount their screams for constant play.
Sleeping. Eating. Walking. Sitting. Working. My sex organs won’t leave me alone. And I ask myself: “Do I want them to leave me alone?”
And when I finally take my dong out, I lovingly play and caress and fondle even when I’m hard. It just feels way too fucking good.
Is every man like this? Or am I just way too gone in penis focus that the rest of my life doesn’t matter much in comparison?
How do other men feel? About themselves as men. About their bodies, particularly their dongs? Is it a constant devotion? Or am I in way too deep about my thing? Remember as kids we used to call them things or it until other words became dominant in describing that wonderful appendage between our legs?
I sometimes try to leave myself alone so that I can get things done around the house, but the constant dangling and swinging usually ends with me fighting to get some shit done or spend another day lost in masturbatory pleasures.
Does every man feel this? I sometimes wonder. Or is it just me and other masturbators who feel a certain honor in having these sexual organs so much so that everything else in life is just secondary? That no matter how hard we try to get through everyday life, our dicks and balls have power over us?
I would love to hear from other men on this because I don’t think it’s just me.

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