The 39 Symptoms of Masturbation


Concerned that this vile habit would destroy lives and condemn souls, Kellogg offered his chaste readers a list of 39 symptoms of masturbation, helping to identify a serial (not cereal) masturbator.In this way, frequent wankers could be detected before too much damage was caused by masturbation, an act also known as self-pollution, self-abuse, onanism, manustupration, voluntary pollution, solitary vice or secret vice.What follows is the list of Kellogg’s 39 masturbatory symptoms, with additional commentary from a more modern perspective. The StudioKnow team — no strangers to this particular subject — has been evaluating the supposed symptoms over the past few weeks, to determine which of Kellogg’s warning signs are valid and those that are not…

1. General debility — an overall weakness, including unnatural paleness and colorless lips and gums, that is not caused by any other obvious factor (such as “internal disease, worms, grief, overwork, poor air, or poor food”).


Source: The 39 Symptoms of Masturbation | StudioKnow

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