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by texstroker » Tue May 30, 2023 8:25 am

How many of you have told a close friend of the opposite sex that your a Masturbator?
I have told a close Female Friend of mine that 100% of my Sex Life is Masturbation.
She confided to me that she read about sensual touch on the internet. We can talk freely about our lack of partnered sex -from the opposite sex.
We have exchanged pics of our genitals to each other.last night I confessed to her that I have masturbated looking at her Sexy Big Breast pics.
She liked the idea that I masturbate to her nude pics! I tell her about the Plus one masturbation toys for both genders.
It is so liberating and freeing to talk to a woman about my Solosexual Masturbation habits!!! It’s Great that she and I can discuss our Masturbation habits to each other!!!
I can’t keep my hands off my penis while I compose this! Please expose your genitals and Masturbate with me! Masturbation is Best Shared don’t you agree? I am a Senior Solosexual Masturbator! I can’t wait to get home so I can Masturbate !!! How about You?!! Rubbing my Penis and Balls Feels So Great!!!!!!

by celebgoontard » 

I love this idea so much. I think more and more over time of being a Senior male masturbator who tells close female friends that I am a Masturbator. That I am proud of it. Not just in passing but that I am a devoted. Committed to solo masturbation. That whether I get offered or experience partnered acts does not limit how much I do it. I love myself and my genital stimulation.

Rising to a spiritual experience for me. Wanting what you have! Someone to be very intimate and sharing with the subject. Trading pics of us. Talking anything. Totally free and open chatting about masturbation. Solosexual. Pornosexual.

Masturbation is self-love. And self loving is beautiful. Your friendship with this woman is special. I long for one of my own. I used to think it would never happen but I’m open to it coming along. Close friends JUST for masturbation. No shame that I confess these private parts of myself. She is free and open to share as well. Zero judgment. The idea of me as a 60+ year old and there are so many more female mastubators out and open by then. We can find each other. Like instagram is now kinda a dating site, these communities only grow. Become more normal. One day I have my own special aging woman who loves to show off her ample tits to me all week long. “Don’t they look so good here” follows a picture of her hard erect nipples. A close selfie showing her face tongue out from underneath of the BIG tear drop mounds. A woman over 50 or over 60 who began suffering sexless but now focused on her best sex life; Solosexual Masturbation
I am as you say exposing my genitals and masturbating. Feeling your bate energy in your words. Such vulnerable expression but so good! Masturbation is best shared. I need to masturbate to this kind of openness. I can’t stop the heart racing wank urges. Your thread makes me stroke myself. And think fondly of my own future like yours. When I’m older. My senior bate years Mmmm I will be a further aging PERVERT. An even more chronically compulsive Senior Solosexual Masturbator.

 by masturboy » 

By the time my pretty ex girlfriend Lyn and I became platonic friends, my hand had been my only sex partner for several months. And I loved it, loved the thought of being solosexual and deliberately choosing masturbation of coupled sex. Lyn knew i was a nudist and an avid masturbator, but she was surprised at my frank answer when she asked why I hadn’t been dating. She laughed her ass off when I told her the hand sex has been smoking hot and that I planned to stick to masturbation. Although she teased me about it often, she also encouraged me, saying, “Whatever floats your boat. If you’re happy with your hand and your porn, then good for you.” She has teased me mercilessly over the years and has often watched, completely clothed, as I masturbate naked and shamelessly under her watchful eye. “Don’t get any on ya,” or, “See ya later, Masturbator” have been her trademark sendoffs when we meet. I have a girllfriend now, but I went 5 years pussy free and Lyn knew every detail. My ex wife also knew I was a solosexual. Between the two of them, I am sure many other ladies were let in on the secret for a good laugh at my expense. It’s so hot to expose yourself as a Masturbator!

 by oktostroke » 

I have a female friend that knows. One day she confided in me that her ex husband was a masturbator and that he only had sex by beating off to porn. So that gave me the opening to tell her. She and I occasionally hang out after doing something together or when she watches my dog and recently she asked me if I needed to masturbate before driving home. So long story short I pumped my cock off to a porn video in front of her while she sat and watched and urged me on. I shot a huge load I was so turned on!

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  1. I told my lifelong, close female friend that I am a Senior, Solosexual Masturbator. She told me that she is a Solosexual Masturbator as well.
    She has read a lot about Masturbation. I told her how much my Throbbing Cock wants to fill up a vagina. She mention a Fleshlight Sex Toy. She has told me about her dildo. We have exchanged a few nude pics. We enjoy viewing each other nude from the pics.we Masturbate to each other’s pics-we are aroused!
    We Enjoy talking about sensually touching ourselves. We understand each other.

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