Summer Get-together

…Now I could feel she was so wet inside my shaft was immediately coated with her slippery juices. God, she must have been anticipating this penetration from maybe even before I walked into the kitchen! Warm, soft –yet-firm in that way vaginas are. I’d describe her sugar walls as ‘buttery’, but that word is so overworked and sort of too much of an analog to the description of her bread smell.  But it all was apt, in my mind. Granny, kitchen, baking bread, butter, slippery warm cunt juice like sauce, and my suddenly very hard cock stirring her deep inside.

Summer Get-together


“I wondered if you were ever going to get it,” she said, with not a little hint of exasperation. “You’ve been over here twice without coming in the kitchen.

“Don’t worry, none of them ever come in here. They just let Granny have the kitchen to herself. They think there’s too much work in here.”

She was right, everybody else was out at the picnic tables, or by the barbeque, or sitting on lawn chairs while the sun went down.  Nobody missed me, either, as far as I could tell, not even my wife.

There was this long farm table in the center of the kitchen, one end was piled with fresh-picked veggies from the garden beyond the barn in baskets and metal bowls. She swept her hand across the other end of the table, clearing away some crumbs and a few dried-up stalks of something. Then she bent over the table, not even looking back at me. Her upper body leaned over the smooth wooden planks as she reached back and flipped her skirt up in a swooping motion so that it bunched up around her waist. She hooked her thumbs in the waistband of her roomy panties and rapidly pulled them down below her knees. She was a big girl, big panties. Her pale white, fat ass barely wiggled as she adjusted her forearms under her upper body and bent down some more, laying her tits along the vee formed by her arms spread across the table. Her thighs were thick, varicose veins tattooing the inner flesh up halfway to her crotch. She didn’t really have old lady legs, although she was skinny down below her knees, starting from right about where her white panties were stretched in a tight band joining her legs like they were holding her calves from getting too far apart. You would have expected her butt to be somewhat deflated from the years on her, but no, it was nice and full, rounded and soft looking as I stared at the crack – gap really — between her butt cheeks. It was breathtaking to me to see her meaty vulva down there, surrounded by not-so-sparse brown and gray pubic hair. She hunched backward a little, dragging her blouse with its load of titties up past her elbows as she put her head in the vee of her forearms. She laid one cheek on the table resting it on the wood. She didn’t mind her hair getting disheveled as it fell around her face. Gray hair, longer than I thought, tints of dishwater blond, sort of echoing the colors of the bush outlining her pussy. She sighed a little then as she moved her naked ass back a few inches toward me. Maybe it was the sound of my zipper coming down that brought out a slight smile on her lips after her sigh.

Clink of my belt buckle on the wood floor as my pants slid down. I rested one hand on the fabric of her skirt hem at her waist. My other hand held my penis straight out, stroking it to a quicker hardness as I guided it into the space at the apex of her thighs. She grunted a little as she tiptoed up, lifting her crotch high enough to allow my cock to fit against her pussy, and not above it toward the dark brown target of her anus. The farm table was almost the right height — just an inch or two too high, both of us were tall and long legged, or it might not have worked. Just for insurance, she moved her leg, letting her panties drop around her left foot. She hooked her ankle around one of the wooden ladder-backed kitchen chairs and dragged it close to her body, then nudged it into place so that she could get her knee onto it and hunch herself up just a little bit more so that my penis had a clear shot straight into her slit. I guided my cock into place between her butt cheeks, resting the fat tip of it in the indentation between her labia. I thrust forward, sliding into her slowly. I smelled the warm, yeasty scent of her cunt wafting up as I pushed my dick in. Like warm, soft bread.

“Yes,” she whispered. Nothing else. Not a sound.

There was a delicious, electric feeling as the skin of my crotch melted against her naked ass. She let me drive her body forward until the tops of her legs bumped against the table top, and then she pressed back until she got all of me into her. I was sort of pointing up inside her vagina, something above level, anyway; and she could almost rest her pussy on the angle where my cock met my crotch.

I wanted to groan. Her pussy had looked dry when I had stared at it as she first dropped her panties. Now I could feel she was so wet inside my shaft was immediately coated with her slippery juices. God, she must have been anticipating this penetration from maybe even before I walked into the kitchen! Warm, soft –yet-firm in that way vaginas are. I’d describe her sugar walls as ‘buttery’, but that word is so overworked and sort of too much of an analog to the description of her bread smell.  But it all was apt, in my mind. Granny, kitchen, baking bread, butter, slippery warm cunt juice like sauce, and my suddenly very hard cock stirring her deep inside. Yes, I wanted to groan, but only let out a shuddering sigh as I felt my balls touch her pussy lips when I penetrated her all the way in that first thrust. Big pussy. Deep, inviting, welcoming; clinching and spasming. Wonderfully warm.

I moved my hands until they were on her buttocks. I grabbed a handful of her ass with each hand, causing her to grunt again as I pulled her back against me. Her hands were clasped together; the fingers interwined prayer-like as they rested on the table above the crown of her head. Prayer like. I realized it was Sunday, and that she had gone to church this morning. I might have smiled, except the sensation of her vagina was so seriously pleasuring me right then. I gripped her butt and eased back out of her, drawing the moment out. Slowly, slowly until just the tip of my cock was still inside her. My shaft was cooler from her juices and the slight draft from the kitchen window. And I wanted to be back inside her immediately. This was a fast thrust, hard so that my thighs slapped against her ass as I impaled her and drove her forward against the table again.

Not a sound. She took it, so quietly; her pussy clenching around me as soon as I was back all the way inside her.  You know how you can tell sometimes when a woman likes the way you penetrate her? The subtle oval motion her crotch made, the way she pressed back against me, trying to get every bit of me into her cunt, the way she let herself open her hole receptively. She was happy with that thrust. She was happy I had come into the kitchen, happy that her hints to me had paid off after all. Happy to fuck me.

I made the thrusting in and out trip again, skewering her pussy just hard enough, learning how she liked it, feeling what worked for her. Now she started swaying back and forth between my crotch and the table top; making her own thrusts against mine. It took us only until then to get the timing perfectly so that she and I were suddenly pushing together as if we had been fucking each other for years. I thrust and fucked into her as she moved in and out in the same rhythmic dance. Crotch to crotch, coming together and pulling apart over and over. We knew how to fuck each other expertly. I knew how to give her what she needed with each stroke just as much as she knew how to give the warm wet pleasure of her cunt to my penis in each trip down her love channel and back out again. I didn’t want to groan, I wanted to shout in pleasure, or maybe whimper at the sweetness of the sensations going on in her snatch.

The kitchen was filled with the slap slap slapping sound of our fuck strokes. Her hands squeezed together as involuntarliy she raised and lowered them, and moved them around as she let the bottom half of her body move in an erotic dance against me. Too hard, too fast, I pulled back too far and slipped out of her. I felt the wetness sluice out and splash on my flesh slightly as she was suddenly open and empty with nothing to hold back the juices flowing out of her slit.

“Oh!” she muttered and reached back quickly to fumble for my penis, find it and pull it back to her pussy lips. Not trusting me to get it into her fast enough, she pushed her ass back as my glans as she put it into place at her vulva. I was back in her! She fucked back against me and we spent a moment finding the rhythm again. Now it was slightly less of a frantic, desperate fuck-motion. More of a rocking forceful undulation we shared, keeping my cock inside her and letting her work her pussy around it. Her knee on the chair raised her up slightly until her puss could ride my cock more securely. Her upper torso wasn’t just prone now, her fingers splayed out on the table’s surface as she held herself half upright and savored my penetration. I felt, maybe just guessed, that my prick was rubbing harder against her g-spot. Because all of a sudden her breath was gasping a little more, her crotch was moving in vertical ovals and her head was nodding sideways slightly as I fucked in and out of her.

I got my hands around and onto her chest as we moved each other toward orgasm. With her back to me, I sought out her titties and filled my hands with them, squeezing and kneading them gently at first feeling blouse, bra and breasts alive under my fingers. Not too big, but saggy bouncy and heavy, her nipples were hard little bumps in my palms. She writhed against my hands. I know it was doing her as much good as the feeling was for me, but she seemed to concentrate on half-riding my cock and fucking me over and over.

Long moments, me penetrating her pussy over again and again, her thrusting and fuck-dancing in front of me with her naked butt rubbing my crotch. Long moments where we just stood there against the table with the feeling of me inside of her nearly overwhelming us. I did short little half strokes, feeling that my penis tip was stabbing her g-spot, trying to drive her crazy. Her pussy clenched and spasmed incredibly as we did it.

I pulled back for another long stroke and again slipped out of her. It was almost heartbreaking.

“Godammit,” she groaned. She used the chair to hop up on the table, spreading her skirt under her as she laid herself on her back diagonally across the long farm table. She pushed half the baskets and bowls off of it in her hurry. The metal bowls clattered on the floor, spilling out green beans that landed everywhere. She pulled the front of her skirt back into place above her waist, baring her crotch to me as she spread open her legs and reached her arms up to me, inviting.

“Hurry,” she said. “Fuck me.”

I kicked my pants off which were frustrating me because they were bunched around my shoes. Yet I looked hungrily – still – at her naked pussy, with a little nub of her clit sticking out of her gray-blond bush, her rounded belly jiggling slightly as she moved herself into place on the table. He pussy no longer looked dry, but had a glittering trail of her juices coating her labia and forming droplets which dripped down her pussy slit to her butt. She took the same time to glance at my cock. Then I was on top of her and everything seemed to go together smoothly and rapidly. We were frantically in a hurry to get the fuck feeling back.  I just stabbed my cock between her thighs and felt it go straight in to her swollen, open fuck hole.  I stuck it deep into her right away. We were both rewarded with a wonderful feeling of complete rejoining. Unlike how I had been penetrating her from behind, now I could plunge down deep into her hot vagina as I pressed my crotch against her clit. Her mouth formed a silent “O” of pleasure as I once again penetrated her pussy all the way. Immediately I began fucking her as hard as I could; and she returned the favor, bucking her hips up at me and fucking me back. Hard.

It was the first time I had ever seen her face in the throes of passion. Yes, she was my age, old, discounted by her family and not really paid attention to very much. Usually she had a slight sad frown as she did the housework or put up with visits from the neighbors – including me and my wife. But now despite the wrinkles in her face and the gray blond dullness of her hair, there was a wonderful life to her expression. You could see the pretty woman she once was, the erotic goddess that was in her, just below the surface. She smiled up at me, then grimaced in pleasure as my dick went deep into her pussy. I wanted to kiss her then, but my cock wanted me to stroke into her over and over, …I wanted to make her cum, then. I held myself up on my arms and slammed into her until she was writhing under me and her head was turning left and right in erotic enjoyment. I fucked her hard.

I heard something behind me; and out of the corner of my eye I saw her teenage grandson standing in the doorway to the back porch, blushing, and watching wide-eyed as his grandma wrapped her legs over my naked ass. I just winked at him and moved my head toward the door, signaling he should go away. He nodded crept out by the back porch.

She was cooing softly now, cause being fucked was infrequent for her and me both and this one was really good for us both. Her head still moved from side to side gently as I plunged into her over and over, but she had quit bucking. Her ass was firmly place on the table top now, she was solidly “planted” and she was taking every inch of my prick as it went into her again and again. Sometimes we moved together, twisting and turning and molding our crotches together, and then we’d lay rigid together, feeling the magic of our fucking flood into each other. It was amazing to us both, I felt. The slosh, slosh sound of my cock going in and out of her wet pussy was incredibly loud.

I was well into building my climax by now; I knew I couldn’t be much longer. I held myself back and urged her at the same time. I tried to reach over and unbutton her blouse so I could get to her titties and fondle and maybe suck them to get her to the edge (I was so close to there already.) but the urgency of our cock and pussy needs was such that I couldn’t let up enough to get to her breasts. She even tried to help and reach for the buttons herself, but then her pussy started quivering around my shaft and she grabbed my shoulders instead and started throwing her cunt up and back down and fucking me wildly. How long had it been since she came?

My dick was aching, throbbing, and starting that stinging itch that let me know I was too close to stop. We were both staring into each other’s eyes lustily and her lids were slitted in arousal.

“Now?” I asked.

She looked up at me and nodded. “Uh huh.”

I groaned and stiffened, feeling my penis pulse and jerk. I looked down at her and then let it go.  I nodded too, and then felt the hot aching blast shoot up my shaft. I felt it spurt. She did too and we both moaned as my warm cum squirted deep into her needy pussy. I lay on her and held my cock inside her all the way — pushing against her hard as each spurt of my crème shot into her. She gasped, and held on, became totally receptive and letting her vagina drink up each drop of my sperm. I came for a long time and there were a lot of pulses, each one matching a spasming quiver deep in her cunt. She was cumming too. A lot.

“Cuminmecuminmecuminme.” She chanted, wiggling her ass and pushing up against me as she orgasmed. Her legs flexed and clasped my ass, and at last her arms went around my shoulders as she pulled me down and pouted at wet kiss that turned into a long French kiss with that slightly metallic taste you get as you cum.

She relaxed before I did, reached down finally unbuttoned her blouse and pulled her bra cups down off her tits. Not flat, slight wrinkles, heavy, saggy, with pink-colored nipples rock hard and waiting for my mouth. Sucking them caused little wavelets of more cumming to spasm her pussy hole for a while. I softened, she relaxed, I slipped out of her … feeling the wetness sluice out of her and run out and down her ass. I rolled off of her and stood up by the table. I fumbled around getting my pants on over my shoes.

She fixed her bra and blouse, let her cum and pussy juice-soaked skirt fall back into place when she slipped off the table.  In seconds it was as if nothing had happened. She straightened the tomato baskets as I knelt to pick up the green beans.

“No, no, I’ll get those,” she said. “You go on.”

I wanted to kiss her or feel up her titties, but she gently pushed me toward the kitchen door. “GO!”

I mumbled something like “Later?”


And as I left, “More?”

“Of course.”

Outside by the bonfire, nobody noticed as I came back, grabbed a beer out of the cooler and sat down away from my wife so that she wouldn’t smell her on me until the wood smoke could hide it. The grandson looked wonderingly at me. And I ignored the impulse to wink at him again or to see if he had a bulge in his jeans or guess if he had already masturbated in the dark somewhere away from the bonfire.

I also ignored his mother who tried to give me the dirtiest look. Instead I just drank my beer and stared into the flames.

In a while she came out with a tray of stuff for the kids to make s’mores with, unconsciously brushing at the back of her skirt, although you couldn’t see anything in the dim light beyond the bonfire. Nobody noticed her, really.



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