Story: Good Girls Do Not Take Their Clothes Off In Front of Boys

 Good Girls Do Not Take Their Clothes Off In Front of Boys

 By Ralph Zucker

I had a CFNM episode that happened during my early teen years. One hot summer day, when Two older teenage girls Diane and Cindy, Who lived down the street asked me if I would like to come over. I said, OK, and followed the girls to Diane’s house. There they led me out back to the patio, where we talked, and sat in the cool shade of the patio

The girls seem to be giggling about some little secret. Then Cindy asked if I would be willing to do something for them, so I asked what was it that they wanted me to do for them. The girls looked at each other, and giggled, and then stared at me with big smiles, and said, would you take off all your clothes, for us.

Being unsure about this, I asked Diane if any body was at home. She told me that it would be all right, that her parents were at work, and that they would not be home until 5:00. Thinking that the girls would be taking their clothes off too, I said ok, and started to undress.

First I pulled off my tee shirt, and quickly stepped out of my pants.
The girls watched with great interest as they whispered to each other.  Finally I slipped off my underwear, and flung them over with the rest my clothes. I was naked.

The girls were excited to see me standing in front of them completely naked. I liked being naked in front of the girls. Although I started to feel a little embarrassed when I started to get an erection, but the girls didn’t seem to mind.  They seem to be very pleased to see my erect penis. I began to feel more comfortable about being naked in the open air.

 While standing under the shade of the patio, I felt a cool breeze. It felt good to feel the cool air blowing on my engorged penis. It was a good feeling to go naked on such a hot day.

While the girls were examining me, I asked why they weren’t taking
their clothes off too. Diane and Cindy looked at each other with surprised expressions, and started to laugh.  With a confused look, Diane said, don’t be silly we aren’t taking our clothes off. They were good girls, and they had no intention of doing such a thing.

Distraught Diane began to scold me; my mother says that good girls do not take their clothes off in front of boys. This was something that a good girl just does not do. To undress in front of a boy, no, no, no this was something she would never do.

Diane explained that, only person, that a girl was to undress for was her doctor, and that it was only proper that the doctor was to be a woman. Then she told me, that she went to a special doctor for girls.  That her doctor also examined boys, implying that it was perfectly all right for a woman doctor to examine boy, such as my self.

Cindy went on to say how it was wrong for a boy to see a naked girl, and that I should never look at a girl’s nude body.

She explained that this is why science books use the male as examples of the human body. Pictures of nude women shown science books are not to be seen by boys. such pictures of nude women are to be seen only by women, because women need to learn about their bodies.

Diane went on to announce that she was going to become doctors some day, and that she needed to use me as her anatomical specimen.

Then Diane and Cindy began talking with each other about nudity, and marred couples. Diane asked Cindy if her mother and father dress together in the same room. Cindy said that her mother told her that a proper young woman might dress in the same room with her husband, but she was not to be completely naked. Then she said that when she gets married, she might let her husband see her in her underwear. Diane and Cindy look at each other, and agreed. Where nudity was concerned, this is where line was to be drawn.

After viewing me from a far, they moved in for a closer look. Girls began to examine my body, touching me, and poking me. Both of the girls took turns lifting, and pulling on my penis. Diane told me to turn around, and bend over. She then took hold of my butt cheeks, one in each hand, and began stretching them apart. She stretched them until it hurt. She told me to hold still, so she could examine me, and there was to be no talking.

Then Diane told me to get up on to a table, where I was to lie
down on my back. The two girls began looking me over, and viewing me from every possible angle, from head to toe. Diane ordered me to turn over, so she could have a look at my bottom.

Next she ran into house, and came out with a jar of Vaseline, and a thermometer. She told me to get on my hands and knees, with my legs apart, and my bottom up in the air. She dipped the bulb end of the thermometer into the jar of Vaseline, and carefully coated it with the lubricant. While holding the thermometer up in the air between her thumb and index finger, she told me that she was going to take my temperature, and that I was not to move. I could feel her pushing the long slender thermometer into my rectum. It felt unpleasant going in. She asked me if it hurt, and I told her that it didn’t feel good. She seemed to be pleased to hear this, and said nothing.

There I was up on the table with my butt up in the air, and a thermometer sticking out of my rectum. Diane and Cindy began talking about how long they should leave the thermometer in me. I asked them to pull it out; they said that there was to be no talking from the patient.
After a few minutes, Diane said that she thought it was time to take it out. To my relief, she gently pulled the thermometer from my rectum. Then She held up the thermometer to read it, and announced that my temperature was normal.  Being pleased with the result, She then gave me a quick slap on my bottom. 

Finally the girls wanted was to see my sperm, “Do your sperm for us, we want to see squirt your sperm” Diane assured me that there was nothing to be embarrassed about, and that girls know that boys jack off all the time. She knew that boys needed to ejaculate in order to stay healthy. She asked if I would be willing to do it for them.

 I said that I would do it, and began milking my penis, while sitting on the table.  The girls watched me with great interest as they whispered to each other. Cindy asked, if it felt good, and if it tickled.  She asked me if I like to jack off a lot, and if I secretly jacked off at school while no body was watching.  After a while I began to rub faster, and then I finally ejaculated, squirting a stream of sperm onto the table. The girls closely examined my sperm. Then they Quickly jumped, and started to laugh, “ yew sperm how gross”

That summer the two girls and I had other such sessions of Clothed Female Nude Male out on the Diane’s patio.

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