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by Rodjer Kerr » 

Started tracking a few things in my (lack of) sex life in early February of this year. Does anyone else do anything like this?

First, I’ll say that rarely, if ever, do I masturbate without ejaculating. Yes, I edge, but 99.99% of the time, I want to see my semen as it flows out of my penis (as only masturbators can claim, while our ‘fucking’ brethren rarely see themselves cum) and I love to feel that feeling of ejaculation as a result of my onanistic activities. Were I a single male with the freedom to masturbate most anytime at home, it might be different. I’d consider long term edging, stopping, re-engaging in another activity around the house, and then return to masturbating later in the day. As a married male, however, I have chosen to hide that I masturbate, and as a result, it raises my level of guilt. I like to finish myself as I’m not sure when I’ll have that freedom again.

So, over the course of the last 331 days, dating back to February 5, 2022 (just the day I decided to start tracking again), I’ve masturbated to ejaculation on 126 days, for a daily masturbation and ejaculation rate of 38.06%. I’m fairly disappointed in this result, as it indicates I am masturbating only about 4 out of every 10 days. Oddly enough, my self-play really ebbs and flows. There are times when I’ll masturbate until I cum up to three times a day. Then, there will be periods when I need to focus at work and I’ll go 10 days without undressing and playing with my penis.

I also have been tracking my sex life with my wife. Over that same time, she let me put my penis inside of her vulva just 14 times (or about 4.2% of days), meaning I’ve masturbated to ejaculation about 10 times for every time my wife fuck her. Now that is a number I’m reasonably proud of.

I did keep a little log of what I did each time I masturbated so I could see what I used to get me aroused. I’d be willing to share that info but I definitely notice a pattern and repertoire. Happy to share with those interested.

Just curious if anyone else is as OCD with their masturbatory activities as I am?

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