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…She told him it was OK that he shouldn’t be embarrassed that she was flattered. She was still sure that a relationship, even a casual one, was not a good idea, she would be OK if he wanted to show her his penis. The guy naturally took this opportunity, all the time making sounds about her being so nice and kind, he unzipped and released what she described the most impressive penis she has ever seen. Circumsized (apparently something this girl prefers but has found it hard to find since returning to dating) and very round with just enough veins to display the throbbing effect as he began to slowly stroke it. She told him it was a nice penis. He thanked her and told her it felt so amazing to stroke it in front of her. She said that this was as close to sex as they were going to get and was that OK. He said he had dreamed of stroking his cock in front of a woman just like her all his life. She asked what he meant by that and he said one word, “Mother”….

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