Sliding Into Chastity: Birdlocked v. CB6000s – Preliminary Review

The gauntlet has been thrown down. Which device will come out on top in the cage match of cages?  Interesting that, since i tweeted about wearing the Birdlocked, i received more than a couple of questions about the device.  In my anecdotal research and in my browsing of chastity-themed captions and pictures, no device is more recognized than the CBX000 family of male chastity devices, which includes the CB6000s that i have worn almost exclusively of late.

via Sliding Into Chastity: Birdlocked v. CB6000s – Preliminary Review.

2 thoughts on “Sliding Into Chastity: Birdlocked v. CB6000s – Preliminary Review”

  1. Depending on the design, e.g. the CB series, masturbation is just barely possible, and not very satisfying. Be careful what you agree to.

  2. watching a porn site recently my wife saw a cock cage.she suggested we try it ie me.i said no way,but after arguing about it she said she would let me out for 3 days if i locked up for 4.she knows i masturbate but not how much.surely i could abstain for 4 days and she would make it up to there any way i can masturbate wearing this before i agree?

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