Sister’s Test Subject

Sister’s Test Subject

by Jack Rabbit

Dan’s head was spinning. Linda had made him her life’s work and it was all humiliating. Everytime she brought up Dan masturbating it would get so much worse when he would remember he was still standing there naked with a crowd gleefully listening and watching. But Dan also realized he never lost his erection and couldn’t help thinking how pleasurable it would be to masturbate right now in front of all these people.

Dan was counting down the days to his sister’s arrival. Linda had called a week earlier and told Dan she was coming into town for a conference and wanted to visit her little brother.

“I also wanted to ask you something Danny boy.” his sister was the only one who had a nickname for him and it always made him feel tingly.

“Anything Sis, what’s up?”

“Well I am presenting at the conference and I need help with my presentation. Do you think you can help out your old sis?” Linda already knew Dan would do anything for her.

Dan had been infatuated with his sister for years and just couldn’t say no to her. Since they were kids Dan had a crush on his sister but she never knew it. Linda was too busy being a child prodigy to notice Dan ogling her through the years. She was a genius. In middle school, while Dan was feverishly masturbating into tube socks, Linda was memorizing parts of the human brain. In highschool Dan would have to force himself out of bed after late night jack off sessions while his sister had already swam laps in their pool and was studying while she ate breakfast. She became a very important scientist but she would never really tell Dan what she did. He just knew it involved human psychology or something.

When he met Linda at the conference he couldn’t help looking his sister up and down. She dressed modestly but her body refused to cooperate. She wore a black business dress that had ample cleavage. Every dress Linda owned had to be low cut or her large chest would make the whole outfit balloon out. Her legs looked long and they led to a sexy pair of black stilettos. Even with this outfit Linda still had her hair up in a messy ponytail with a pencil over her ear. Her glasses rested on the bridge of her nose as she reviewed her paperwork.

She beamed that radiant smile when her eyes locked on to Dan. “Danny boy!” She embraced her brother and Dan had sensory overload! Linda’s breasts pressed hard against his chest, her strong swimmer arms locked around his neck and he inhaled her delicious perfume. It took everything Dan had not to cum in his pants from this embrace.

“Are you ready to be my little helper??”

Dan had almost forgotten the presentation, “What do I have to do?”

“Well honestly you just need to stand there and look pretty.” Linda winked, “But I will need you to put on this hospital gown. You have to look like my subject, not my adorable brother.”

With that Linda took Dan’s hand and led him backstage. As he stripped to his boxers he heard a large crowd from the other side of the curtain. It was a full house for his sister’s presentation. Dan watched Linda checking her podium and stretching from one side to the other. Seeing her body stretch her dress gave him an instant erection. As he slipped the gown on he quickly tucked his boner into his waistband of his underwear.

Dan knew there was going to be a lot of people attending but he could never imagine how packed the audience would be! People in lab coats and scrubs as well as dresses and suits filled every seat and some even stood in the back. Linda winked at Dan and began her presentation.

“Fellow colleagues, I have finally completed a project very close to my heart. My book coming out later this year is finished.” Linda clicked a remote and her slide show started. On the screen was Linda’s book cover. It was one of their family photos with a huge title that made Dan’s jaw drop.

Danny: The interesting life of a masturbator

There were gasps among the crowd. Dan turned every shade of red as the crowd looked at the screen then to him and connected the dots.

“My brother started masturbating around the age of 9. Now most males will discover masturbation, use it to relieve themselves through adolescence, and eventually develop healthy sex lives. My brother took a completely different route.”

She switched to a new slide that showed a line graph that started high and never went down, always up.

“As you can see when Dan started to masturbate he did it twice a day. As time moved on her increased significantly and should now be in the 10 to 12 time region.” She looked at her brother. “Is that about right?”

Dan couldn’t speak. He never thought about how much he masturbated nowadays but she was right. He stayed beet red and nodded.

“Imagine, masturbating up to 12 times everyday for years without end. The amount of physical and mental change that would come of that. Now Dan tell us, how many partners have you had? Tell us both sexual and relationship partners in all these years.”

Dan was humiliated as he thought of his intact virginity.


“I’m sorry Dan they didn’t give you a mic, please come over to the mic and repeat what you said.”

As Dan shuffled to his sister his erection slipped out of his waistband and stretched out his gown. Giggles and whispers emerged from the crowd as they saw the masturbator’s boner. He uncontrollably glanced down at Linda’s heavy cleavage as he came close to the podium.

“I have never had a partner.”

Linda squeezed his arm. “Thank you Dan. Now in my book I go over the mental changes a masturbator will go through. After stimulating himself in excess, his brain rewires itself. It asks why do I need another person to satisfy my needs? The brain now has fallen in love with his hand. Dan does not want a partner. He wants to masturbate and please his penis as much as possible. Now for the physical…”

Linda came behind Dan and pulled down his underwear. Before he could react she ripped off the gown. Dan was standing in front of a thousand people butt naked with his underwear around his ankles. The crowd gasped but they did not look away. They seemed to focus even more on Dan.

“Observe the masturbator’s penis. As you can see it is quite small in comparison to standard male genitalia. As you can see it is also quite erect, more than likely Dan is ready to stimulate himself in front of all of us. An audience would not hinder Dan’s self love life.”

Without a word Linda cupped Dan’s balls and rolled them in her palm. Dan thought he would pass out from the feeling. “His testes are very light and small. His body is aware that Dan’s sperm will never be used to repopulate and has stopped using energy to produce strong fertile sperm. Dan’s masturbation only results in a thin white goo that fills tissues and tube socks.”

Linda clicked a new slide that showed pictures of socks, underwear, and other fabrics stained with white streaks. There was a timeline running across the bottom of the screen and Dan now saw that his cum stains that were once huge loads were now barely a few drops. Dan couldn’t stop staring at the past side of the screen, when his teen body made cum for filling a woman and how powerful it looked.

Linda squatted in front of Dan and lightly rolled his penis between her fingers. Out of her pocket she brought out a camera that projected his tiny penis onto the screen.

“See what years of friction and repetitive motion has done to Dan here? His foreskin is chafed and red. I’m sure he could have a healthy penis in a matter of weeks. But that would require him to stop masturbating cold turkey. Plus he doesn’t need to impress anyone with his tiny member, it’s not like his hand cares what his penis looks like.” As the crowd laughed she looked up and winked at Dan.

Linda went back to the podium and left Dan standing there with his tiny penis throbbing.

“Now if you read my book you will find many stories about Dan’s history with solo sex. Interviews with my mother, relatives, and some of Dan’s school mates that can share an experience with his compulsive masturbation. I also have many stories to contribute since my room was right next to Dan’s and he spent many days making his headboard bounce against the wall we shared. I also contribute photos…”
Dan didn’t want to look up but the gasps and laughter from the crowd made him curious. His bedroom door opened just enough for his sister’s camera to capture him sitting on the edge of his bed, face scrunched up as cum sprayed from his fist. A shot of him hunched over in their family tool shed with his shorts around his ankles and his arm blurred from how fast he was beating his meat. Looks like Linda had her own collection of family photos all focused on her masturbating little brother. Then the photos started being more recent. His sister had access to his webcam and had many photos of him frantically masturbating with a box of tissues and bottle of lotion close by. She even had a photo of him in his work parking lot! His shirt tucked under his chin as he blew a load before work in his car.

Dan’s head was spinning. Linda had made him her life’s work and it was all humiliating. Everytime she brought up Dan masturbating it would get so much worse when he would remember he was still standing there naked with a crowd gleefully listening and watching. But Dan also realized he never lost his erection and couldn’t help thinking how pleasurable it would be to masturbate right now in front of all these people.

Once it was all over the crowd applauded for both Linda and Dan. She hugged her naked brother and his throbbing hardon pressed hard against his sister’s thigh. As she let go Dan could see precum had stuck to her dress. Linda walked him off stage and grabbed his clothes. As Dan got dressed, Linda was ecstatic and continuously praised her brother for helping her today.

“Do you think you could do one more thing for me Danny boy?”

“What’s that?” Danny worriedly asked as he pulled his shirt on.

“Well I was given a bigger budget for a documentary. Would you still be my subject? The only difference is I would have to be present during a lot of your masturbation sessions. You know I would record you, ask you questions as you did it, and you’d have to be completely naked each time. It’s ok if you don’t want to…”

“I’ll do it!” Dan almost yelled as he thought of Linda sitting across from him with a camera as he stroked furiously. “I mean…I wouldn’t want to mess up your data by changing subjects.”

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