Since I discovered Onania, my addiction to masturbation has only increased

by bonobo83 » Thu Jan 09, 2020 9:01 amSince I discovered Ononia, my addiction to masturbation has only increased. I was already a wanker all my life, but at least I could get hard and fuck other guys. I have to admit that I always enjoyed jerking off more than getting fucked.

Since the spring of 2018, I just assumed and realized more and more that only masturbation gave me pleasure. A pleasure unimaginable for non-jerk-offs. Unimaginable for my bf then. Little by little, I organized my life to devote as much time as possible to masturbation. I try to be alone at home as often as possible so I can jerk off. And I stopped having sex with my boyfriend.

When I jerk off, the pleasure is so strong that I wish it would never end. That’s why I never try to ejaculate. To make the pleasure last as long as possible, to be permanently aroused, to be obsessed with masturbation, the penis: I love it!

Concerning my long periods without ejaculating, it stopped each time against my will. It was never intentional. It’s as if at some point I lost control over my cock. So orgasm ruined every time, never a full orgasm.

The Holy Grail for me would be to go a whole year without ejaculating. 2020 starts badly: I’ve already had orgasms ruined by overexcitement and anticipation of the orgasm that was about to begin. But I intend to make sure that if I can’t stop myself from ejaculating completely, at least I won’t have a full orgasm in 2020!

My strongest fantasies are humiliation, being a loser, a compulsive masturbator, unable to resist a good wank. I’m also very excited about cuckolding.

I’ve been living with a man for over 20 years. He fell in love with another guy a few years ago. The three of us share our lives now. I made the choice not to fuck them anymore. Not with either of them. I want to live my wanker, solo-sexual trip to the fullest. Anyway, I was finding it harder and harder to get it up for sex. Only masturbation gives me a hard-on.

I like my new sexuality: I don’t fuck anyone anymore. All I do is jerk off whenever I get the chance, often for hours. I’ve only had sex with a woman twice in my life and I’ll never fuck a guy again. I’m 48 years old. Writing this gives me a hard-on.

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  1. Me too. Since I’ve been stuck at home I’ve discovered such a supportive community of avid masturbators. It’s been a wonderful opportunity to explore and nurture our own pleasure and ejaculations. I found new and better ways to masturbate and learned to edge for hours straight while chatting with masturbating friends. I really enjoyd it and have embraced it as my hobby of sorts. I center my days around it and never imagined how powerful and lasting ejaculation could be. Chatting and sharing with like minded friends is a blast.

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