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Jameshat should be a psychologist, he understands us! He definitely described me.

1. Regular sex and still masturbate daily: Yes
2. Touch yourself whenever alone: Always
3. Use porn: Can’t imagine not having it readily available.
4. Jerk off in front of your partner: Yes, I’ve done it, as well as in public, and in masturbation groups
5. Multiple sex toys: Yes, I have them, but unlike Jameshat, don’t use them every session. Hand is my ultimate sex toy.
6. Box of tissues: I laughed at that one, yes, I have a box prominently displayed at both my work and home desks.
7. Lotion: I have both vaseline and albolene in my desk drawer. I use vaseline primarily for the memories, as it was my first lube.
8. Have more sex, so you can masturbate afterwards: He describes me, particularly when I was married to a woman. I would have sex with her, ejaculate in her vagina, and then while she is asleep, retreat to my den, and spend hours looking at porn into the night. Now, a male partner and I have sex, and still masturbate together and separately.
9. Fantasize about masturbation while having sex: All the time.
10. Use a used cum rag: I have one in my nightstand in the second drawer.

I bet you chronic masturbators meet many of Jameshat’s excellent criteria. He understands us! From now on, I will always use the word “chronic” to describe who I am.

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  1. While I may not follow exactly all all 10 steps laid out above I follow them closely enough to consider myself a chronic masturbator. As a lifelong masturbator, 70 plus years. I found Richard’s Onania.Org/asm about 15 or 20 years ago and while I needed little encouragement to masturbate he provided inspiration to truly enjoy and appreciate masturbation. Eventually through e-mails, talks with Richard on the Hotline and his podcasts he helped me understand I was in fact a chronic masturbator. I have often wondered how many guys and gals Richard has helped realize then are chronic masturbators and now truly can say thank you for helping me understand.

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