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Signs of the Chronic Masturbator
Post by jameshat » Sat Apr 16, 2022 9:50 am

When it looks like a woman will become a regular sexual partner, I have the masturbation conversation to see whether it’s a good idea. A few girlfriends back I brought up the topic, and one of her first questions was “Do you have a cum rag?” At the time I didn’t, but she went on to describe how she’d found her last boyfriend’s cum rag and got turned on using it to monitor his masturbation.

The conversation gave me an idea (maybe her intention?) so I started one using a small facecloth. A few dates later when it was nicely crusty and still wet with a fresh load, I went to my sock drawer so she could see where it was, and handed it to her with a small flourish. Her eyes lit up – “Is this for me?” – and she quickly mounted me while examining it with enthusiasm and questioning me about my recent session. Of course, this was back when I could crank out a load or two after work and be ready to go again when she came over.

Clearly she’d wanted to do this with her last boyfriend, and from then on she’d occasionally initiate sex by coming into the room, cum rag in hand and a twinkle in her eye, saying “Someone’s been a naughty boy!” She was never interested in watching me fill it – she said she’d rather have sex when we were together – but the thought of “catching” me obviously turned her on.

Since then, I’ll keep one when I’m single and the memories of us playing with it will get me going, but when I’m with someone, I don’t kid myself that just any woman would be delighted to discover such a thing.

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