She needs a man to match her enthusiasm

a lady masturbator said:

Recall, I am not getting any REAL cock presently, so
masturbation is my only outlet; that being the case, I
like livening it up a bit by sharing it with another
masturbator. My cache of toys, vids, pics and various
phone partners is how I get my sexual thrills, for the
If I can have real cock, the next best thing is phone
masturbation.  Not just with any partner. I have had
some doozies.  Guys who only want to listen and not
participate, or let out one oh or sigh when they cum.
Not my cup o java.
I need a man who will match my enthusiasm, my
intensity, my vocal honesty.

You have also heard me tell you about Mac. Mac, a
fellow peterfiles member. and I met last year, had
some very intense phone sex, had a falling out not
speaking for a few mos, and reconnected again this
We are each other’s best phone experiences and we love
getting off for and over, each other.  The intensity
of our talks, not just overheated usual feelings of
masturbating like what you would have when you’re
horny and listening to another horny person…. it is
something so much more powerful when we share
together, over sharing with others.   We feed off what
the other says and does and no man has met his
intensity, nor his stamina. Our cums collide in
amazing mind blowing pussy leaking pleasure.
I have spoken with some hot men on here (Steven,
Richard, Mike) but what happens between mac and I is
otherworldly.  I have never had phone cums like the
ones I share with him.  I may be getting spoiled.
Mac is married so we don’t get to connect as often as
either of us like, plus being semi retired, he has
quite a bit more free time on his hands (and horny
prick) than I do.
We masturbated together last weekend.  He went to a
park and beat off for me by a tree (i’ll let him tell
that one).  It was intense as usual and such a thrill
to me to know he was helpless to NOT beat off hearing
me.  It is a MUST DO, no way around it…it HAS TO
HAPPEN.  There is an urgency in the moment.
Today, we saw each other briefly online, he was
mentioning to me that he had house guests and would
like for them to leave so he would be free to
masturbate his dick for me.  I was horny all day
looking at LARGE cock pics, getting wetter by the
Granted, he is a regular masturbator no matter what,
getting pussy from his wife, and no phone calls aside,
he is a cock beater and always will be, but he loves
to do it moreso with me.  Getting off w me is so much
better than what he does in front of puter w vids or
I felt discouraged that i wouldnt be able to with him
and decided I would not even today, but just
masturbate Monday.   I relayed a story to him about my
last date–and what he and I did on that date. Nothing
really explcit, but bare bones details…After a few
seconds of that he sends me :GET ON THE BED…I WILL
CALL IN 10 min. 
By merely relaying the story of my last date, I had
Mac needing to fuck himself with me, for me, and……
not wait for a more convenient time.
Anticipation==I went back to the hard big cocks I was
browsing, saw some cum vids.–oh how I love to see men
vigorously working on their dicks…..cumming spurts,
moaning and groaning and twitching and writhing and pussy gets SOAKED more than any other
visual stimulus….ring ring…
Mac on the phone, he told me…..I couldnt take it
liz….i have to beat off for you …you make me need
to masturbate, and need to masturbate for you.  You
love that I need to do it for you don’t you Liz?
And did we ever!!!!
I am short on time…so I will let Mac relay those
details as he does so eloquently.  Suffice it to say,
I am tending to my chores with a smile on my face, and
I know mac is Attending to his company with some cum
residue on his undies.
What is even hotter still is I know later this week he
will write me about it, tell me how awesome we are
together…and get himself so worked up at the memory
that he will be beating off while writing me about our
last phone call.  Mac is a nasty fucking
masturbator..and he knows I love it.  He loves knowing
how I need to do myself and that I must when I hear
him, no matter what.
It does not diminish with each occasion, but seems to
increase potent, dizzying orgasms.  I love that he
cums 2-3x on each conversation we have (no joke–I can
tell it is true).  Not many men can handle that.  (I
am talking under 45 min folks).
Mac is my horny prick puller—He loves that I love
the excitement he gets from hearing me cum, hearing my
wet pussy sounds as the dildo plunges into me….I
love how he screams in my ear and shudders when he
gives himself a hot cum that I know I had a big part
in, albeit not the wet, juicy flesh.  I am the reason
he blew his load today..(twice) and he loves knowing
he assisted in some awesome cums for me.
We have never met, but I know I love his cock and he
loves my pussy. I can tell how very much he wants to
devour me and it makes me all the wetter.  I know he
would not waste a single drop.  I let him hear my
cocksucking skills by eating myself off my dildo,
imagining I am sucking his cock- he knows I would rock
his world.
If he experienced the real thing from me…now that
would be some letter.
I love knowing he wants me so and that even though I
am not present, I please him so- or should I
say…assist him please himself.
I am wet again now….See what you have done to me
I want to talk to you sooon
Hope this has made your cocks hard and pussies wet.

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  1. I know exactly what you mean!!! I have a phone fuck masturbation buddy as well! Missy and I get super hot for each other! I get off at least twice, sometimes 3x with her! I always make sure she cums 5-6x and hard! I make her touch herself knowing that she will cum. As soon as she starts to climax, I tell her that she’s not allowed to stop until she gets off again for me! Those orgasms take us both into outter space!!

  2. Hi Liz , it’s Ray from awhile back. Would luv to chat again, so I can fuck myself for you mmmm .Check email and get in touch.

  3. Hot story. I would love to find a woman that I could dedicate all my cock stroking to. And stoke on her command.

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