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OMG guys. This last page has me feeling SO like minded to most of your thoughts and words expressed. It’s making me wanna go down the rabbit hole of browsing sex doll sites as I jack off. Feeling that rising “heart racing” and emotion that builds with anticipation for the one I will get butterflies from today.

Or the beauty I will rediscover on a different site than last time and she is so familiar to me as I’ve fallen for her before. I want to endlessly masturbate while exploring why I love each one. Does she remind me of someone from IRL, but perfected? Seeing how dead her eyes is her blank stare. Is it more blank = more hot? or is it more unrealistic figure = more hot? Probably both!

I love all the feelings it brings up to know 99.99% of society would be judging you behind your back, being creeped out to know you have a realdoll TPE plastic lover in your house. Even wanting one and admitting you look at them is likely a taboo in most peoples minds.

goonerpervert wrote: ?

Sat Nov 05, 2022 10:20 am

Having blurted this out already, in this very thread, I still want to EXPOSE my perverted nature yet again to confess my want for a harem of sex dolls one day. I don’t want them to feel real. I love the “real doll” phase of TPE sex dolls. The big fake titty ones. No motors, no moving parts in them. I want to fall in love with them. Have cute dates with a different REAL doll every weekend session. Make it romantic with lighting. Talk to her. Be sweet and kiss her. Touch her. Feel the fuzzy emotions inside, letting them out with her openly. Feel the brain dopamine loop of falling for her blank stare. She’s SO pretty.

I want DOLLS. I love them lifeless, empty, vacant. So I can imprint all my pathetic feelings upon them. They are therapy support entities. Made for us masturbators to stare at as we wank. To feel SEEN.

My words are more true now than even in November. Please know I’m a doll addict pumptard masturbator. And I would die happy if I got to live my next 40 years living with one in my home. Sitting next to me at the computer every time I chronic masturbate! Exposed to me. And me jacking to her side view. A mirror placed perfectly to see a reverse view of her tits from front on. Mmmmm

outsource wrote: ?

Sun Jan 08, 2023 11:24 am

It’s difficult to not fall in love with sex dolls whenever I browse through new creations from manufacturers. As a virgin, I wish I could just be surrounded by sex dolls at my place, if only I had the money.

I am a sex doll virgin. I would love to have just one if I could afford, so I can lose my sex doll virginity… Or I may just allow her to keep me a virgin and not penetrate her, only grope to aid my masturbation. Kissing permitted. But mostly a place to cum on, her face, her meaty tits. I want her busty. I do. But some day I hope to have 3-4 so I can rotate my girlfriends on different days. And make love to each. And by make love I mean just be there with me to share the masturbation. Again I wonder if I’d even ever slide inside one.

I would seriously consider being in chastity for my real doll TPE lover. Keep it locked up and only can touch her and eat her out. No temptation to fuck her pussy. Maybe I’ll cry from my eyes and my penis with leaks of devotion if I am locked up. Caged in metal for my love doll.

There will likely be one I’m in love with more. But keep that between me and you guys… I want them all feeling special with how much I look at them and drool. How I get horny just having them in my presence. How I moan their name I gave to them, or that the site had for her if that is part of why I fall for her!


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