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by Pixie MuleDonkey »

i’ve adored this concept ever since you first mentioned it. To be presented with a ridiculous looking blow-up sex doll all dressed in lingerie and be instructed on how to arouse “her” and properly have sex with my “new girlfriend” by a group of laughing, mocking, sexy women i desperately lust after, would be the height of humiliation. For me, it would be even better to be prepared for this intimate encounter by one of the girls, with her playing up the whole “there’s someone who really wants you to fuck her, and tonight we’re going to make it happen if you’re interested” angle to trick me and get me excited. Then, for an extra dose of shame, telling me that she’s really into partners who wear sexy lingerie, and convincing me to put on some very slutty feminine lingerie – only to discover that the blow-up doll is wearing a matching set of lingerie. That should give them something more to laugh at me for – “oh, look, you match! You really are meant to be together forever!”

i also found a blow-up doll of fairly cheap Chinese manufacture which had been made to look like an off-brand bipedal My Little Pony character. i think that would be a perfect choice for me (Twilight Sparkle or Rainbow Dash ideally), to let them humiliate me further for being horny for furries.

Continuing with that, being made to fuck my blow-up girlfriend while my crush has real sex with her stud alpha boyfriend – with them in bed and me and my doll on the floor next to it – would be a perfectly embarrassing scene. The sounds of their vigorous fucking would only encourage me to fuckthrust into my inflatable lover more enthusiastically. And fortunately, “she” won’t complain no matter how many times i prematurely ejaculate into her plastic pussy with my undersized penis.

by Richard.Lovel » 

I really like this idea also. How about your crush inviting you on a double date and saying she has a blind date for you. You show up at her home and find her, her alpha stud, and a ludicrous blow up doll.


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