My Secret Life: Thoughts on Girly Pics and Masturbation

Thoughts on Girly Pics and Masturbation

I vividly remember the startling effect that pictures of naked girls had on me when I was a kid.

– instant erection!

– burning desire!

– compulsion to masturbate!

– intense sexual excitement that would last until orgasm!

It was a transformative experience, that discovery at age twelve.  I already knew about the fun and fulfillment of masturbation, but it had been just a matter of playing with my favorite toy, this secret dirty thing I did because it felt good.

The syndrome wasn’t complete until I added the stimulus of pornography. Mild though the pictures were, by today’s standards, they had the effect described above – guaranteed! Together porn and masturbation created an irresistible entertainment, one that immediately became an important part of my life – the acquisition and hoarding of pornography, and the self-indulgent enjoyment of masturbating while staring at the pictures.

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3 thoughts on “My Secret Life: Thoughts on Girly Pics and Masturbation”

  1. I could have written that myself and now 70plus years it still applies, porn and masturbation go together like ham and cheese.

  2. brought back all my memories of teenage masturbation.that could have been me. usually found porn mags and this made me hard at the anticipation of what was to come.always wanked myself silly over those mags.still do!

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