Record spurt lenghts

masturbators report spurts:

Since it came up, I’m curious what people’s record is?

A very long time ago, when jacking off at an adult theater, I shot a load and the first spurt when 4 aisles and almost hit somebody!  Bear in mind that’s from a sitting position, so it arced up quite a bit to do that.  I don’t know the length, but that still seems to be the longest one.  As I said in another email, nowadays I might get a few inches with the first spurt (and might not) and it’s pretty much a dribbley affair after that.


My record is between 2.5-3 feet. Usually in the morning in the shower I shoot 1-1.5 feet unless I’m really tired then it is only about 6-8 inches.


When I was younger, I used to routinely hit the wall behind my head with the
first and/or second shot. No more. Just dribbles now, at age 53.
Regarding volume, there's a direct relationship between volume of ejaculate
and testicle size. Perhaps, Al, your testicles are small? They can become
smaller with age, it doesn't reflect illness or inadequacy. Also, the
pornstar known for the greatest volume of cum per shot is Peter North. I do
think he nurtures this asset, and that his routine is public knowledge, so
you might try asking on rec.arts.movies.erotica (on Usenet). I bet you'll
get an answer there. It may even be in the FAQ.


I had an episode....last fall...with a young man... in
the parking lot of Denny's here in Arizona. We had met
for coffee after corresponding here...talked..touched
a lil inside. We went to his car... kissed, etc. :)
Anyway...his dick was Very hard....I was giving him a
blowjob...barely sarted...he said I am gonna cum...
slowly stroked him...and he shot...hit the roof of his
a Nice gob stuck was the MOST powerful shot
I have ever seen. Too bad for him he fell in puppy
love with me...and I had to stop seeing him :(
THAT was cool :)


Iwas watching porn one afternoon and was playing with my cock ..building up
pressure for hours! I then went to a Rub and Tug after dinner that evening
after a little more porn stroking...the lady was playing softly with my nuts
and stroking me gently with a handful of oil..I shot a beauty so hard it
sailed over my head, past her and hit a steel folding chair behind the
massage hit the back part of the chair and made a "ping" sound as
if it were a spitoon! She couldn't believe the force of the shot!  The
second and third remainders went across my face and chest..try building it
up for a few days then do the long play for similar results!
My friend shoots about 10 to 12 shots of thin cum that go over his head from
a lying down position..I watched him beat off in front of this chick
once..she almost feinted, but seemd to love it!
Do chicks get off on flying, pressurized loads?


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  1. Edging him for hours leads to some powerful cumms–thick streams that cumm across my body and up to my face, dripping from my glasses. Once wen I was yunger, I edge milked him for hours in my car, wen he cummed it hit the windshield. ahhh, another time milking him in my dorm room, he shot like 6 feet, a beautiful arc of cummm. Used to edge and chat on some adult site years ago, long gone. Kinky stuff and would milk him all nite. The cummm in stream after stream shooting 3-4 feet. 6 to ten shots.

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