Podcasturbations – Podcasts for Masturbators

If you ever suspected that podcasting is just another form of masturbation, you were right! These audio recordings feature both mental and physical masturbation — stream-of-consciousness essays composed during my (too) numerous masturbation sessions. Some of the podcasturbations are of a personal nature, reflections on living with chronic masturbation addiction.  Others are directed to you, the listener, offering advice, guidance, or support for your masturbation habit.

Listen to Podcasturbations

WARNING: these audio programs contain candid discussions of masturbation addiction recorded during the act by a masturbating male.  The speaker is an untreated chronic addicted masturbator, whose compulsive narratives are typical of fixations caused by prolonged masturbatory practice. His expressions of bizarre sexual fantasies illustrate arousal-dissociation, what masturbation addicts call the “goon” state, and the recordings capture numerous examples of his actual male masturbatory orgasm.  

We offer this material solely for the professional student of sexual deviance, and no part should be considered therapeutic advice or reliable information. Because of the graphic sexual content, access is restricted to mature adults trained to deal with sexually deviant material; use for prurient enjoyment is strictly prohibited. Listeners with impaired impulse control may experience intense sexual arousal leading to an uncontrollable urge to masturbate. Chronic masturbators are strongly advised to avoid listening.