3 thoughts on “Podcasturbation-2023-0406: Helping Masturbators Masturbate”

  1. It’s cold and snowy outside and a good day to focus on masturbating. So I’m spending the afternoon running around the house in a tee shirt only, tugging on my penis. gooning and edging, until I tuned in to this podcasturbation. Loved hearing the tale of a chronic masturbator as he works his penis, and the grunts and groans when you admit that you’re spurting your white goo into the air in front of you. Whew.

  2. Senior Solosexual Masturbator

    Richard I enjoy masturbating along with you to this podcasturbation!
    I am a pussy free Senior, Solosexual Masturbator. I have masturbated Many times to this Podcasturbation. I am Masturbating right now. Join Me my friend!

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