Podcasturbation-2021-0812: Bosom Buddy

Podcasturbation-2021-0812: Bosom Buddy

A special podcasturbation for a friend I have known and masturbated with since the 1990’s. We both have a big (really big) breast fetish, and both are now post-pussy masturbators. All we can do is masturbate to the images of big breasts. But, isn’t that enough? Warning: you don’t get to ejaculate at the end (but I do). 


2 thoughts on “Podcasturbation-2021-0812: Bosom Buddy”

  1. Love that you reference Roberta Smallwood – you have no idea the countless hours of stroking I have dedicated to that buxom beauty – hadn’t thought of her in years, but the minute I heard you mention her name, my heart raced and my already engorged cock became stiffer!

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