Podcasturbation #20-1030: Limpotence

Podcasturbation #20-1030: Limpotence

Limpotence: A specific form of male Impotence, or Erectile Dysfunction, frequently observed in chronic masturbators. The limpotent male is unable to perform penetrative sex with a partner due to situational erectile failure. When presented with an opportunity for orificial (vaginal, oral, or anal) penetration, the subject fails to achieve or loses his erection. In common language, he “goes limp”, hence the term Limpotence. The condition is distinguished from conventional impotence by the subject’s ability to achieve and maintain penile erections during prolonged periods of manual masturbation. Limpotence is usually the result of abnormally frequent and prolonged masturbation, because the chronic masturbator becomes habituated to gratification in his own hand rather than a partner’s orifices. “Going limp” during subsequent efforts at partner sex is humiliating and sets up a humiliation/aversion response that reinforces his masturbatory focus. Limpotence soon becomes a permanent and incurable condition. (See also Pussy Penetration Anxiety Disorder.) Although impotent for conventional partner sex, the limpotent male may enjoy an active and gratifying sex life by seeking out other limpotent males for mutual support and masturbatory sharing.

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  1. this sissy is 100% limpotent. my wife has given up to stimulate me 17 years ago.
    since then i never had pussy, only handpussy (and i like it).

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