Podcasturbation #11-0512: A Masturbator’s Confessional

Podcasturbation #11-0512: A Masturbator’s Confessional

Whether you are a “proud” or “shameful” masturbator, we all like to confess our habits to ourselves and to each other. Listen to this podcasturbation and confess along with me, “I am a chronic addicted masturbator …. “

(some audio problems on this one)

[mast] [masturbation] [confession] [chronic] [embarrassment] [JOE] [namecalling] [pathetic] [penis] [shame] [ramblefap] [gooning] [penis babble] 

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1 thought on “Podcasturbation #11-0512: A Masturbator’s Confessional”

  1. I Confess that I am Proud to say that I am a Masturbator.While Richard is Masturbating his Penis during his Podcasturbations my cock stiffens and throbs nicely.My penis aches to be rubbed and fondled(my heavy hanging balls wants to be caressed.
    I know I’m not the only one who enjoys hearing Richard masturbate his Penis for Us. Richard we are rubbing our genitals while you are.
    Literally I have Intense Cumms listening to your Podcasturbatins.
    Richard I am Proud to be a Penis Masturbator.

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