Podcasturbation #09-0424: Penis Fixation

Podcasturbation #09-0424: Penis Fixation

One of the signal characteristics of a male chronic masturbator is the attention, even devotion, he pays to his penis. “I love my penis” is one of the most common gooning mantras chanted when the masturbator is hovering on the edge of orgasm. But the focus on the penis permeates all his moments, including non-masturbatory ones. In this podcasturbation we explore penis fixation and engage in some of our own.

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3 thoughts on “Podcasturbation #09-0424: Penis Fixation”

  1. I do Love playing with my Penis.
    Since finding this site I realize that I am Proud to say I am a Chronic Masturbator.
    Nothing turns me on More than playing with my Penis.I am fondling my cock and balls right now.
    Join me and rub your genitals right now.Feels Great right?
    It’s a Big Turn on knowing that there are other Chronic Masturbators.Lets Masturbate for each other.Keep rubbing your genitals-I am.I would Love to see You masturbate.Would You Love to see me Masturbate?I bet you would.
    Would You Like to Masturbate me?I would Love to Masturbate You.
    We would have a Intense Cumm together.Masturbation should be Shared don’t you think?Lets Cumm together! ;0)

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