Podcasturbation #07-0805: I’m full of it

Podcasturbation #07-0805: I’m full of it

Do you ever feel full of it? Full of semen, that is? There’s only one thing for a masturbator to do.

[mast] [masturbation] [ramblefap] [gooning] [orgasm] [ejaculatory urgency] [quick ejaculation] [JOE]  [moaning]  [penis] [quickie] [penis babble]


2 thoughts on “Podcasturbation #07-0805: I’m full of it”

  1. I’m so Full of Sweet cum and I have the Primal Urge to masturbate my Penis. Let’s Masturbate together.My Cock is Throbbing/Twitching.Lets have a Intense Cumm together. Masturbation should be Shared don’t you think?

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