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As everyone here knows, there are SO many amazingly sensual ways to savor our masturbation. I love to edge and play with my PENIS as often as I can. EDGING techniques bring me incredible enjoyment and yet I haven’t ever put into words what I’m about to say.

Recently, I’ve been thinking a lot (as I anticipate my hot solo naked play times) that the rather commonplace and even “vanilla” pleasures of being nude and experiencing our solo sexual sensuality are becoming more meaningful to me.

As I said, I hesitated to share this and then I smiled while watching myself lovingly fondling my penis and realized THIS is one of the things I want to talk about to others who stop in to Onania to share thoughts, feelings and experiences.

I only say I hesitated because this doesn’t sound exotic or extraordinary in any way. It’s just the normal and fun-loving part of naked play that is INCREDIBLY HOT for me!

So here is is, quite simply, I want to pet my penis! That’s right. I’m lovingly caressing and teasing my cock with all kinds of pleasurable fingering as I apply lube and enjoy my favorite pictures of women in panties and bras and in various stages of slipping out of their clothes to show their beautiful bodies.

I’m a VERY vanilla kind of lust-pursuer but that doesn’t mean it’s less erotic. In fact, I think I’m discovering a new level of hot fascination in the seemingly “normal” personal intimacies that are part of my solo-sexual adventure. 8-)

Yes, there are times when sudden jolts of sensual lust arise from an unusual picture or a video that draws me into passionate self-loving lust but often it’s the small pleasures, the things that are “everyday” and that no one would even think to talk about that are part of my MOST pleasurable MASTURBATION experiences.

Like others here have said, I love to verbalize my passionate self-loving. So often I’m speaking out loud about how much I want to MASTURBATE, about my passion to lovingly caress and stroke my horny cock and, of course, I LOVE saying the words that describe my genitals. I LOVE the word PENIS!

I’m a versatile writer so I use many different expressions and certainly love to express my passionate PENIS-PLAY desires whether I’m using the word “penis” or “cock” or “meat” or “rod” or as I sometimes say, “my touchy toy”. But whatever noun I use, the fascination I have for touching, teasing, lubing, caressing, fondling, tapping, vibrating and stroking my penis is absolutely continuously a source of INTENSE enjoyment.

So I wonder how many of you would join me in a thread that’s just about these simple pleasures? I would start by saying right now (at this very moment as I’m nakedly seeking to express my passionate desires on my computer keyboard), what I want to do and what I will be doing when I finish this post is to PET my PENIS!

I’m going to lovingly play with my HOT PENIS. Will you be playing naked too? I want to PET my beautiful PENIS like a very happy PET animal because indeed the animalistic force of this HORNY PENIS that is awaiting the arrival of my lubed fingers to dance all over it and lubricate it happily for MORE and MORE masturbation is one of the things I enjoy most about MASTURBATING :D

Yes I’ll PET this happy PENIS because I love my PENIS. Sometimes while edging and experiencing that surge of hot lust that comes from a hot story I’m reading or a picture of a woman’s panties being slowly slipped down on her butt cheeks or with a smiling naked woman playfully looking in the camera, or a thousand and one other types of hot fuel for my horny cock, I find myself in a masturbatory dance with my lubed fingers running rapidly all over my cock-rod and intermittently either vibrating it between my fingers or moving into a fucking motion where I’m thrusting my cock in and out, in and out, in and out of my happily masturbation-specializing hand.

I also often find myself just gazing at my penis while petting it and as I do I am SO glad that I can play with my PENIS anytime I can get privacy and also I’m glad that I can talk about the way I like to play when I log in here to read and explore and express my solo sexual passions in this secretive way. I have no way other than these words to describe how much it means to me to read and learn from what other masturbating men and women share here in Onania.

Consider this post (and anything you may add to it as a thread) as a way to start focusing on some of the simplest and most normal of pleasures (along with all the other erotic fascinations that get us moaning with hot desire). I just wanted to say it as plainly as I can: I want to PET my PENIS!

I love to PET my PENIS! I will keep PETTING my PENIS! And I would LOVE to hear about other Penis-petting people and Pussy-petting-people here. How beautiful it is to see a woman petting her own pussy or a guy petting his own penis! Let’s do it more and savor the simplicity of our self-petting passions.

I am SO enjoying the many ways my PENIS responds to me – almost as if my PENIS is talking to me and we’re carrying on a conversation. “PET me!” my penis seems to be saying, and of course, my reply is always “YES!!! I want to pet you and I’m passionate about petting you!” I absolutely love to get nude whenever I can and PET my PENIS!

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