PeterFiles #01: Introduction to the Series

The PeterFiles: A (fictional) clinical study chronicling the activities of Peter, a lifelong habitual masturbator. Copyright 1995-2017 by Onania.Org/asm. Click to Read All Stories in the PeterFiles


Published by The Masturbation Dependency Program
Institute for Correction of Sexual Misbehavior
Series Editor: Dr. Margaret Wilson, Registered Genital Therapist

Peter File #01: Introduction to the Series, by Dr. Margaret Wilson

We begin a series of chapters in “The PeterFiles”, a longitudinal case study of masturbatory addiction in the adult male, conducted at The Institute for Correction of Sexual Misbehavior. The series is made available in order to increase the public awareness and understanding of the problem of addictive masturbatory behavior in males, and especially as a resource to those women in a co-dependent relationship with a habitual masturbator.

will call the subject “Peter Stroker”, an unsubtle but not-inappropriate pseudonym suggested by the subject himself. Peter, an otherwise healthy middle-aged unmarried male, is a long-term chronic masturbator under my personal treatment at The Institute for Correction of Sexual Misbehavior. His pattern of frequent masturbation began at puberty and was allowed to grow unchecked by proper parental discipline: his parents were uncomfortable discussing sexual topics and never warned him of the dangers of self abuse. He continued his secret practice throughout his youth, never forming fully satisfactory relationships with girls and becoming entirely habituated to manual sexual release. Although his private vice claimed increasing amounts of time, it did not prevent him from completing a graduate degree and entering a profession.

Peter first entered the Masturbation Dependency Program at the Institute in his thirties, when his sexual addiction had reached uncontrollable levels and he was finding it increasingly difficult to maintain his normal life activities. A variety of treatment modalities are appropriate in treating masturbation dependency, including counseling and analysis, behavior modification, and social re-conditioning; but our main emphasis is on nurse-mediated genital therapy. Although these methods often obtain excellent outcomes, the early pubertal onset of his masturbatory habit and prolonged, excessive indulgence throughout his life have made Peter’s case almost intractable. We have achieved partial remission, and he is now again able to hold a professional job and lead an almost normal life; but he is unlikely to ever accomplish normal coital relationships or to outgrow the need for regular genital therapy to control his behavior.

Peter’s case is unfortunate, but not without instructional benefit for students of masturbatory addiction and the public at large. As a result of the prolonged pre-ejaculatory tension established during extended genital therapy, the subject experiences a lowering of inhibitions and voluntarily reveals deeply private material about his masturbatory practices and personal sexual orientation — material he would otherwise find too embarrassing or humiliating to expose even to a professional. The PeterFiles mainly derive from the revelations offered during Peter’s numerous genital therapy sessions, conducted by me in front of observers and recorded on videotape. Peter is willing to expose this material to the public, and we have had his full cooperation in preparation of the chapters. His expressed intention in revealing such intimate details is to further the public understanding of his unfortunate affliction. We also suspect, given his nature, that he derives a certain perverse gratification in the indirect humiliation of public exposure; however, this will not diminish the value to the reader.

The narratives are, we believe, largely biographical, although it is impossible to say how much is grounded in reality and how much is pure invention. We are well aware of the tendency of a male undergoing prolonged genital therapy in the hands of a nurse to indulge in fantasies which amplify the sexual gratification of the experience. However, many of the experiences are accurate retellings of treatment scenarios at the Institute; others appear to be plausible situations that a life-long masturbator may well experience as he relates to women in his peculiar way. Others are clearly fantastic but nevertheless contain much of interest regarding the orientation of the habitual masturbator.

The sequence of the PeterFiles is not significant. We publish them in the order in which we recorded and edited them; they are open-ended, and more chapters in the series will appear as Peter’s treatment proceeds and more material is revealed. They cover all stages of Peter’s life, from puberty to present. We have chosen to present the material in a narrative form, told in either third or first person, rather than in clinical report format, in order to make it accessible to a larger, non-professional audience.

We make this study public with due concern for its proper application. The nature of the subject necessitates a frank and explicit exposition of masturbatory practices and associated sexual behaviors. We are aware that an unfortunately stimulative effect is inseparable from the presentation, and that reading the material may cause some susceptible males to engage in the very practices we all deplore. We accept this risk, for the greater good of making the material available to persons who need it. But we must make this WARNING:


Dr. Margaret Wilson, Registered Genital Therapist
Director of Masturbation Dependency Program
Institute for Correction of Sexual Misbehavior

6 January 2001

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