PeterFiles, A Case Study of Masturbation Addiction


(These are the “classic” PeterFiles, a series of short fantasies I did early in my chronic masturbator career.)

A (fictional) clinical study chronicling the activities of Peter, a lifelong habitual masturbator. Copyright 1995-2017 by Onania.Org/asm

Published by The Masturbation Dependency Program
Institute for Correction of Sexual Misbehavior
Series Editor: Dr. Margaret Wilson, Registered Genital Therapist

Peter File #01: Introduction to the Series, by Dr. Margaret Wilson

We begin a series of chapters in “The PeterFiles”, a longitudinal case study of masturbatory addiction in the adult male, conducted at The Institute for Correction of Sexual Misbehavior. The series is made available in order to increase the public awareness and understanding of the problem of addictive masturbatory behavior in males, and especially as a resource to those women in a co-dependent relationship with a habitual masturbator.

PeterFiles #02: Overdrawn at the Sperm Bank

Modern techniques of clinical sperm extraction are remarkably effective, but the more powerful physical gratification produced can prove addictive to some men. Here the experience unfortunately exacerbates Peter’s pre-existing tendencies.

PeterFiles #03: Summer Camp

Experiences in puberty often have formative power in establishing patterns of masturbatory dependency. Peter’s spontaneous discovery of self-abuse was unfortunately confirmed by his pubertal social interactions, of which this is one example. Here we also see a connection established between urinary continence and masturbatory practices

PeterFiles #04: Penis Cream

We often tend to overlook the physical harm that the practice of self-abuse causes. Although we are no longer concerned that masturbation leads to vision loss, hair growth, or dermatological abnormalities, we forget that habitual and excessive indulgence often causes penile abrasions and other motion stress injuries. The health-care professional should always be on the lookout for the physical effects of masturbatory addiction and be prepared to apply appropriate treatment.

PeterFiles #05: The Party

This chapter describes an incident while he was in a treatment program that emphasized social aversion conditioning. We are fully supportive of this treatment protocol, which intentionally places the masturbator in social situations where his habit is exposed to others and its humiliating nature may be recognized.

PeterFiles #06: Betting the Ranch

The male’s primal fear of castration is well known in the psychology literature. However, in our work with habitual masturbators we frequently find a counter emotional affect: an actual fascination with the prospect of castration by the hands of a woman, that can be compared only to the attraction of a moth to the flame. At the Institute we are investigating this phenomenon under controlled condition by placing randomly selected males under realistic threat of castration by our nurses and monitoring their sexual response. We find that sexual arousal occurs in a surprisingly high percentage of the habitual masturbators. We are exploring the possible therapeutic applications of this effect. In the chapter below we can see the phenomenon arising spontaneously during a harmless practical joke played on Peter by a young friend.

PeterFiles #07: Beach Balls

Masturbation is often called “the private vice”, but the compulsive masturbator frequently practices his habit in circumstances that can only invite discovery. The reactions of accidental witnesses may lead either to reinforcement of this dubious behavior or to serious legal complications for the masturbator. In his account below Peter demonstrates this strong connection between exhibitionism/voyeurism and masturbatory addiction.

PeterFiles #08: The Diary

The role of heredity in the development of masturbatory addiction has received insufficient study; whether nature or nurture is predominant is still an open question. At the Institute for Correction of Sexual Misbehavior, we hold that, while genetic factors may predispose a man to masturbation dependency, expression of the trait is not inevitable. The development of unwholesome habits depends ultimately on deficits in the personal character and self discipline of the masturbator, and may be avoided by appropriate early corrective intervention. In this chapter, Peter discovers the diary of his great-grandfather, which indicates a family history of habitual masturbation and describes corrective measures common in the last century. While we do not endorse every particular of the treatment described below, we entirely agree with its emphasis on the personal value issues of masturbatory addiction.

PeterFiles #09: Molly Does the Milking

Partialism, the fixation of sexual attraction on secondary sexual characteristics, is commonly associated with masturbatory addiction. The habitual masturbator, accustomed by long practice to manual gratification, loses his capacity to perform normal coitus and may find the primary female genitalia intimidating (see Peter File #05). He transfers his sexual attention to other parts of the female body, most often the bosoms, usually responding strongly to women with generous endowments. The logic of this choice is clear: After her vulva, the breasts are the most feminine part of a woman, and the traditional association of the breast with nurturing and sympathy provides an important reassurance to the sexually insecure masturbator. Peter’s breast partialism is apparent in many of the PeterFiles.

PeterFiles #10: Spanking Salon

The explicit sense of shame that afflicts most habitual masturbators causes them to seek out (sometimes unconsciously) opportunities for punishment and correction. Often this results in a poorly articulated desire to be spanked, especially by a sexually attractive woman to emphasize the humiliation of the experience. The recent growth of commercial “spanking salons” may be largely driven by this phenomenon. While these non-accredited establishments are no substitute for professional genital therapy, they do provide the masturbator with convenient and affordable adult spanking services and can play a useful role in the treatment of masturbation dependency.

PeterFiles #11: Enema Practice

In which Nurse Collins recruits Peter for a demonstration of patient care procedures. 

Nurse Collins soothed, “There, there, of course you couldn’t. Don’t worry, Peter, no one will hurt you. No, Alice, in patient-centered care, we must be sensitive to a patient’s feelings. His erection is an involuntary reaction, and we shouldn’t punish him for it.”

PeterFiles #12: What the Doctor Ordered

Secondary sexual dysfunction is a frequent consequence of excessive masturbation, and premature ejaculation is one of the most common clinical manifestations. Two complimentary processes are at work: frequent masturbation lowers the ejaculatory threshold and accustoms the sexual organs to non-coital emissions, thereby setting the stage for praecox ejaculation; and the moral degradation of masturbation leads to lowered self esteem and increased anxiety with women, resulting in almost unbearable tension when presented with coital opportunity. The result is a loss of normal ejaculatory control, and a habitual masturbator is often unable to accomplish sexual intercourse even with a willing and understanding partner. Usual therapeutic measures are not effective, and the sufferer is well advised to seek a therapist who will take into account the special dynamics of masturbation-induced premature ejaculation.

PeterFiles #13: Aunt Emily’s Boarding House

Extensive clinical experience teaches the importance of early intervention in the treatment of compulsive masturbation. As soon as signs of pubertal excess are noted, steps must be taken to prevent self abuse from becoming habitual. Although we prefer that an incipient masturbator be referred to a professionally trained therapist, we acknowledge that the wisdom and skills needed to treat youthful self abuse are not confined to the professional caste. Many young boys have been rescued from vicious habit by the dedicated efforts of a strong caring female in his environment — an aunt, a neighbor, a teacher — capable of intervening and rigorously enforcing standards of decency and self control. Often these women employ traditional methods of shaming and corporal punishment, which, when intelligently administered in an intimate familial setting, can be remarkably successful. Peter was fortunate to have an aunt extraordinarily capable to address his situation. That Peter received such early attention and yet failed to benefit can be charged only to his unusual predisposition towards masturbatory addiction.

PeterFiles #14: Shooting for Janet

The photographer shoots, and shoots for his model.



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