Fergus MacDougal: My personal Sexual History – Introduction


by Fergus MacDougal

Originally from http://fergusmacdougal.blogspot.com/2012/03/my-personal-sexual-history-introduction.html

This is a completely truthful account of my sex life, concentrating on masturbation and the other “naughty” stuff.

I was inspired by a story on SoloTouch.com. It was a middle-aged man’s account of how he began to masturbate, and it got me thinking about myself. After almost a month of dredging up memories and looking up dates, I was able to reconstruct my own sexual awakening, a magical and exciting time in my life.

 This personal sexual history was a lot of fun to write and I enjoy sharing it with others. It was originally published on another blog, one I crafted myself in WordPress. I am starting over to see if the social environment of Google+ will work better for interaction with my readers. Please post comments on the individual stories (or to this introduction), letting me know if you liked it and why, and sharing your own experiences.


My intention with these very explicit writings is partly educational and partly recreational. Some readers, especially younger ones, may find my experiences useful in understanding their own sexuality (thought this blog is not intended to be read by anyone under 18 years old). For many years I was ashamed and embarrassed about my compulsion to masturbate and kept it a dark and guilty secret. I am still very private about it – except in the liberating anonymity of the internet. That’s why I call this blog My Secret Life. I am letting you all in on my secret – not only do I masturbate, but I write about it and talk about.


The recreational part is because I enjoy writing about sex, and also enjoy reading about it. Of course I masturbate continuously while writing, then again when I read it over. I also enjoy the thrill of imagining others reading my words and masturbating to them -please leave comments!




The first chapter is about How It All Began, and covers the great discovery and the exciting first year when I masturbated as often as I could for the pure physical joy of it.


I enjoyed writing this chapter so much, and reading it also, that I continued on, writing next about how I started using girly magazines for stimulation in Discovering Erotica. I also describe how I discovered the joys of nudity and masturbation outdoors.


Continuing chronologically through the next few years, I describe the Expanded Horizons when I started masturbating in movie theaters, peep shows, and arcade booths. What a dirty young man I was!


The next step on from this was to Strip Clubs and Lap Dancers, including a very hot memory of one particular lap dance.




More than a year after writing these first four chapters I added to them. The chapter on Discovering Erotica  inspired me to tell more About That Magazine and to include a few Girly Pictures accompanied by an elaborate fantasy. That awoke old memories of how I fantasized at the time, and how much better my fantasies could have been – Adolescent Fantasy.


Reading my original post about lap dancing brought back so many memories, and made me so horny, that I wrote two more on the subject. More Memories of Lap Dancing tells about my experiences in the sleazy theaters of San Francisco in the 1980?s and 90?s. Then to complete the picture, an offering specifically about the Mitchell Brothers’ famous venue: At the O’Farrell Theater.




I am working on a final chapter (maybe two) to bring the history up to date. It will cover new technology such as the internet, and some of the kinky stuff I have experimented with in my middle age such as cyber-sex, cross-dressing, sex toys, and self-photography.




I hope you enjoy sharing my most intimate memories as much as I enjoy exposing myself to you through my writing. Please post comments!


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  1. I’ve only just read this introduction, but I’m rock hard and on the edge as I write one handed. No doubt I will edge for a long time to your historical confession; your life of masturbation. No doubt you started really early like me. I’m a massive porn addict, and have been for the vast majority of my entire life.

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