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I cannot figure a way out of this Pantyhose Prison I’m stuck in. Since I was a teenager. The first time I put on a pair of pantyhose I found my Purpose in life, to be a chronic addicted Penis masturbator – especially wearing pantyhose. I have many pairs but my favorite is West loop shear nude color hose. I LOVE the tingly feeling on my toes on my testicles on my tushie on my Penis. Its the best most gratifying most wonderful feeling there is. I jus’ love how cute my little toes look in hose. Each and every stroke on my penis feels so good in hose. I can order them online but I go to the store to add to the shame and embarrassment of having a pantyhose addiction that I’m helpless to control. I’m wearing pantyhose right now and later I’m going to masturbate vigourosly wearing them. Sometimes I cross dress wearing them with heals a wig and lipstick. Sometimes and Shhhh. Don’t tell anyone this, I put a mirror in the bathroom and I sit on the rim of the toilet ( no seat ) and I masturbate my brains out and drool and goon and watch myself in the mirror with my pantyhose on and I shoot copious amounts of hot sperm on my tummy. Squirt squirt squirt squirt. If anyone wants to watch my on WhatsApp or another way I will gladly and enthusiastically masturbate for you in pantyhose, ill put on a very intense show for you. Hit me up and we’ll see what can be arranged, I’m a proud pantyhose penis addicted masturbator its my life’s purpose, I love it so much.

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