I’m a compulsive solosexual masturbator and couldn’t be happier.

A masturbator said:

I’ve been a lurker in the group for a long time now and thought I should finally introduce myself and say hello. My name is Josh. I’m 36 years old and completely addicted and dedicated to masturbating my penis. It’s all I think or care about. I haven’t had “normal” sex in over two years and have given up on it entirely. I have no desire to have sex with another person anymore. I’m much happier sitting at home, wallowing in porn and solosex for hours and hours. I came out as gay when I was 17 but it took me until age 34 to come out as a SOLOSEXUAL. I was always a chronic masturbator, but it took me that long to finally stop trying fit myself into a typical relationship and accept that I am a MASTURBATOR who only wants to edge his penis. I have gone through several relatively short relationships, all of which ended because of sexual differences: them wanting a normal sex life, and me only wanting to masturbate, masturbate, masturbate constantly, sinking ever deeper into my porn addiction. I’m finally completely comfortable and happy with my life now that I live alone and can masturbate whenever I want, which is how I spend almost all of my free time. I love hearing other true masturbators talk about our addiction. I can’t tell you how many hours I’ve spent masturbating to the messages in the archive here and on other bate-centric sites. It helps me to get even more addicted to hear about addicted you all are. I can’t wait to start sharing my addiction with you more and more. I’ve recently started giving up things in my life that take time away from masturbating my penis, called “downshifting” by some masturbators. I took a job with consistent hours and much less stress, I moved into a tiny apartment, I condensed down my circle of friends to only a handful, and have little contact with my family, all of whom live thousands of miles away anyway. I’ve decided to become a completely dedicated SOLOSEXUAL MASTURBATOR. I spend literally hours everyday edging my penis. I don’t go out in the evenings, but stay home in front of the computer with the curtains drawn, drooling over porn and other masturbators. While my friends go out and have fun on the weekends, I stay home, sniffing poppers and masturbating, until I exhaust myself. I masturbate at work, in my car, and even at the grocery store. It’s all I can think about and I love letting it control my life! I tried my hand at writing a bate blog (bate-state.blogspot.com) but I’m finding more and more that I enjoy having masturbation conversations, rather than just sending bate messages out into the vacuum of the internet with little or no feedback. I’m sure I’ll keep the blog around and post now and then, but I’d rather talk to my masturbator brothers directly on sites like this so we can help each other deepen our addiction. PENIS MASTURBATION! Thanks for reading all of this, brothers! Josh Edginguy

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  1. I’m a lifelong masturbator and have recently decided to stop trying to have relationships with women (they never to work out) and just be a solosexual, which I am at heart. I don’t do the hours-long edging that a lot of guys do. I like to put on some porn, pump myself hard and shoot off after not too long (maybe 10 to 15 minutes). I get the urge to masturbate several times a day and have set up a room in my place devoted to my solo sexual life. I really am enjoying my newfound freedom and acceptance of who I am sexually.

  2. welcome Josh to this site.
    Since finding this site I have Come out as a Solosexual Masturbator.
    Right now I am naked and fondling my penis and Heavy balls. Hearing about other Solosexual masturbators turns me On! Just ithinking of All of Us naked playing with our genitals._Just think of All of Us Solosexuals just deep I. Goon mode Masturbating for each other! Masturbate, Masturbate,Masturbate, Masturbate! Pretend All of us Solosexuals are in the same room Masturbating for each other! Nothing Greater than Self Love. Talk about a Stress Relief.
    My hips are shaking, and I am breathing heavier. I just want to Cum for you Solosexual Masturbator. Cum for me. Let’s Cumm together. Masturbation should be ShRed! So Much delicious Precum o zing out of my Theobbing cock. Love tasting my Precum.
    I Masturbate more since finding this site,Thanks Richard! Let’s Cum together other Solosexual Masturbators!!!??

  3. I agree whole-heartedly with the solosex lifestyle. I’ve been doing this for decades – not realizing that there was a name for that behavior, but now embrace the concept!
    I’m not only a compulsive masturbator, but I truly enjoy exposing myself as I perform in public view for attentive audiences. My favorites are young women who I enjoy giving them what I feel is a normal, healthy, and natural presentation of my love of being a solosexer.

  4. So good reading the comments of other Solosexuals here. I was born Solosexual and had that confirmed a few years back when my mother handed over the baby book she had maintained the first few years of my life. In that book she noted “a slight case of masturbation” during my 6th month of life. Yes, she considered it a disease! But that confirmed that I have been masturbating literally ALL of my life.

    I didn’t lose my virginity until I was almost 21 and, a few years back, after I had started to acknowledge my true sexuality, I realized that the reason I was so late losing my virginity was that I was already busy masturbating all the time

    In my 20’s and early 30’s, because of social pressure, I was pretending to be hetero, but that gradually fell away and, in my mid-50″s I found Margo Woods book, “Masturbation, Tantra, and Self Love!” That was a landmark event for me — after I learned the indescribable bliss of long Tantric edging masturbation sessions, there was no turning back. I am SOLOSEXUAL! Most of the 35 women I fucked were tired or sore or simply “finished” after about 40 minutes and, in the tantric world, 40 minutes is just a tease. Don’t get me wrong, I loved being with all of them and had strong, loving, emotional connections with most of them, but the fucking just didn’t compare to the tantric.

    The end result: It is SO comfortable and reassuring knowing that my sex life will always be perfect because it will never depend on anyone but me —- HOWEVER, I can think of nothing hotter than finding a woman who feels the same as I do about this, an audacious, totally self-assured mature woman who has done it all and happily concluded that masturbation is , indeed, the very best way to get off — and is now ready to spend the rest of her life masturbating a LOT every day while watching me do the same

  5. I`ve been a solosexual for 2 yrs now and I don’t ever want to go back to regular sex! I masturbate every day whenever and wherever I feel like it, its the best sex you can have I love it.. I would love to talk to other solosexual guys too!

  6. I am 24, but a compulsive bator and love to jack for hours. I play all the solosexual tricks in the game. If you want to know hat I do, please message me so we can have a jackathon

  7. Thomas Singlevich

    I am leaving this reply to John Rossetti in that I have successfully achieved what is most desired in masturbation: a lifetime commitment to remaining permanently naked with non-stop masturbation. The biggest thing in my life is the joy of being multii-orgasmic so that I can go from ejaculating right back into masturbation. The rate-limiting factor in my remaining naked 100% of the time is trying to become a permanent naked sex slave or getting into a masturbation commune. A lifetime of masturbation is to me the greatest ecstatic experience achievable with continuous edging and ejaculation that is endless.

  8. Another complete and total masturbator here. Having gone thru 3 wives,(no children) various sexual partner roles(cock/muscle worshipper, cuckold, fag bottom, etc), I am now living the life of a solo sexual and i’ve never been happier. I’m a chronic masturbator, knee-deep in porn and a virtual shut in. I too jerk off day and nite and resting hours often between sessions to regain my libido to begin again. My tiny dick hasn’t had penetrative sex in 15 years and I have no intention of ever fucking again.

  9. Totally into your world, Josh. Reading your blog is a complete turnon to me. So few true and complete solosexual masturbators that it’s hard to hear from those that are. I, too, have dedicated my life to that of masturbation. I totally revel in anything to do with the subject. My batefuel consists of reading about the addiction and its control over one’s life. I also spend hours and hours, all nite, watching j/o vids. To see a guy give himself such pleasure is a true gift. As he handles himself I can feel it in my own body. Sometimes just the penis, but usually my entire body feels the rewards of edging for many hours. I would enjoy chatting with you about your early childhood experiences of masturbation. Mine was exceptionally good. Many circle jerks that led me into the wonderful world of masturbation. I luv to masturbate more than anything else in my life. Bate on my brother of the batehood. It’s been stated before,but can never be overstated. MASTURBATION RULES!!!!!

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